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This Crying Baby Really Loves Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’


Taylor Swift is a Grammy-winning singer, Jeff Bridges' on-screen daughter, and now, a soothing voice for fussy babies.


This Ginormous Baby Is One Of The Biggest Ever Born In Florida

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At 14.1 pounds, Avery Ford is one of the heaviest babies ever born in Florida. He also set the hospital's record.


Baby Feat. Lil Wayne & Drake – “Money To Blow”

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We gone be aiight if we put Drake on every hook © Dwayne Carter.

Young Jeezy

Triple C’s Feat. Young Jeezy – “Everyday”

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As far as I know, Rick Ross is apart of Triple C's.


Kiss & Tell…

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One of the missing (and forgotten) links in the whole late Cash Money era is TQ.

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