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Farrah Abraham Is Working In An Austin Strip Club… For Research, You See

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Farrah Abraham is working an Austin strip club, but says she's only "job shadowing."


Farrah Abraham Has Been Cut From ‘Teen Mom’ Because She’s Farrah Abraham

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham is officially cut from the 'Teen Mom' reunion. I wonder what stuff made her seem like a bad influence?


'Teen Mom' Stars Don't Want 'Teen Mom' Porn Star Farrah Abraham To Be In The Reunion

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Some 'Teen Moms' don't want Farrah Abraham joining them in an upcoming 'Teen Mom' reunion. Probably because of that music video. Maybe.


'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Has Taken A Vow Of Celibacy Because Of Course She Has

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham has taken a vow of celibacy because her Doctor told her to. Or something.


So Farrah Abraham Is Writing A ‘Christian Parenting Book’

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Sex tape star Farrah Abraham is writing a Christian parenting book to go with her Backdoor Teen Mom DVDs and line of custom sex toys.


Comments of the Week: Florida’s Finest

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It's a trashy edition of CotW, which is appropriate because the winner gets a dead hawk.


Farrah Abraham got kicked out of rehab for fighting with Tan Mom because Florida.

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Okay, I know you guys probably think this story's too tabloidy for FilmDrunk, but I can't help but be invested in this Farrah Abraham saga.


‘And she squirts!’ ‘Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom’ has a trailer

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Because I know that we’re all on the edges of our seats for the release of Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, Vivid Video has a new trailer available on its website that boasts other such celebrity sex tape superstars like Kim Kardashian, Mindy McCready, Chyna, Shauna Sand, Carissa Shannon, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Montana Fishburne and Vince Neil, among others.


Teen Mom Farrah got 'nearly $1 million' for 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

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Last we heard from Farrah Abraham, she of MTV's Teen Mom "fame," she had become a cautionary tale for pseudo-celebs trying to climb Jacob's fame ladder using a sex tape everywhere.

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