The Highs And Lows Of Geek Culture 2014

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It was another big year for sci-fi, superheroes, comics and video games. Here's a few of the highs and lows of geeking out in 2014.

Batman Eternal

Batman Confronts His Family In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Batman Eternal’ #26

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Batman goes toe-to-toe with the Batfamily in this exclusive preview.


Gordon Faces The Court In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Batman Eternal’ #12


Jim Gordon has a posse in this exclusive preview of 'Batman Eternal' #12.


Exclusive: The Cover Of ‘Batman Eternal’ #13 Shows Things Aren’t Going Well For Jim Gordon

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Jim Gordon is not doing so well in our exclusive reveal of the cover to 'Batman Eternal' #13!


5 Reasons To Be Concerned About 'Batman Eternal'

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Batman has a new weekly series coming out in a couple weeks. It might be good! But there's some reason to be worried...


Let’s Overanalyze Batman’s New ‘Batsgiving’ Teaser, Shall We?

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Batman has a new comic coming soon... and a teaser rife with hints to go with it.


Stephanie Brown Gets Another Chance In The Pages Of ‘Batman Eternal’

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DC is giving themselves another chance to screw up Stephanie Brown...

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