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The Latest 'Orphan Black' Trailer Is Taking The Mystery To Terrifying New Heights

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Your latest reminder that 'Orphan Black,' last year's best television surprise, will be returning very soon to BBC America.

BBC America

Attack Of The Tatiana Maslany: 10 Reasons To Watch BBC’s Excellent ‘Orphan Black’

By | 38 Comments

The amazing Tatiana Maslany, and nine other reasons to watch BBC America's "Orphan Black."

BBC America

A Half-Century Of ‘Doctor Who,’ Summed Up In One Graphic

By | 8 Comments

Check out a visual representation of 50 years of "Doctor Who."


'Copper' Review: BBC America's First Original Series Is Promising, But Flat-Footed

By | 10 Comments

BBC America's first original series, <i>Copper</i>, features a compelling series-long story, but it's buried in procedural elements and exposition.

BBC America

‘Doctor Who,’ Dinosaurs, And Daleks, Oh My

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Earlier today, BBC released a new trailer for the seventh (and final, for two members of the cast) season of "Doctor Who."


Best Cursing Show Ever Is Being Censored

By | 11 Comments

Here's a typical quote from the BBC series, "The Thick of It": "Come the f*ck in or f*ck the f*ck off.


Whoa, ‘Luther’ Looks Pretty Metal

By | 15 Comments

The second mini-season of the BBC's acclaimed "Luther" aired in the U.


Adventures in Hitler-Punching: New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer

By | 4 Comments

Below is the trailer for the second half of "Doctor Who's" sixth season (of its current iteration), which premieres August 27th.

BBC America

Doctor Who Coming to Utah

By | 6 Comments

I have a hard time pretending to care about "Doctor Who," but I would never denigrate the show because Anglophile sci-fi geeks are some of the most annoying humans on the planet.

Amy Pond


By | 2 Comments

So, the first episode of new Doctor Who Matt Smith premiered in Wales the other day (God, why do the Welsh get everything cool.

BBC America

Primeval Shall Return in 2011


Fans of the BBC America show Primeval rejoice, thanks to a lot of confusing dealings <a href="">detailed by Variety</a> the dino drama will return sometimes in 2011 and will still be on BBC America.

BBC America


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BBC America is presently airing the third season of the controversial teen drama "Skins," and there was a <a href="" target="_blank">mild stir among teen lesbian sex scene enthusiasts</a> when a teen lesbian sex scene was edited to be slightly less racy than original version.

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