Is ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Going To Be The Final Season?

(Spoilers for Killing Eve will be found below.)

The cat-and-mouse drill will soon continue on Killing Eve, but are the fun and games about to come to an end for good? Sadly, that is the case (at least with this flagship series) with the fourth season being the (official) final face off between Villanelle and Eve, as BBC America and AMC Networks previously revealed. Do not fear, however, because there are a lot of loose ends to be tied up in the impending batch of episodes, even if we don’t see any more killer clowns or gymnasts or trash-can babies onscreen. (And there’s more, as we’re talking about in a moment.)

In other words, expect these two leading ladies to wrestle with their love-and-hate-and-begrudging respect for each other, all after Villanelle got so flipping angry that Eve didn’t realistically see how they could live life in the same place. The former MI6 officer and the assassin who can’t give up the life (or all of those cool outfits) could never, ever survive daily life together, and this season, that conflict is accompanied by Carolyn determining to avenge Kenny’s death. Villanelle appears (in the trailer) to have found religion, laughing Konstantin still can’t take anything seriously, and hopefully, unfortunate Niko is somewhere on a beach and living his best life, even in his affected state.

The very good news in all of this is that AMC Networks has been plugging away on spinoff ideas that will dig into the same universe and hopefully emerge with gold. Do we call it the Villanelliverse? The Eveverse? Regardless of the label, we’ll await further word on this darkly offbeat world.

Killing Eve‘s fourth and final season debuts (with two episodes) on Sunday, February 27 on BBC America and Monday, February 28 on AMC.