World’s Most Petty Mother Sends A Five-Year-Old Boy An Invoice For Missing Her Son’s Party

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A woman sends a five-year-old an invoice billing him for missing her son's birthday party.


Chill Dad Arrested After Throwing Playboy Party For Teen Daughter And All Her Friends

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Fathers, don't throw your teen daughter's Playboy-themed parties.

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Miley Cyrus Celebrated Her Birthday With Some Topless Mechanical Penis Riding

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Miley Cyrus turned twenty-two over the weekend, y'all! We've got the inside scoop into the hootenanny that took place.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/11/14: The Lonely Grave Of Megan Miller

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for August 11, 2014, featuring an AFFAIR between Daniel Bryan and his physical therapist. Also, old man party.

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The Best Parents Ever Made Their Daughter An Iron Throne For Her Nameday

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All hail the one true ruler of Westeros, Emma and her two fat cats.


Corey Feldman Is Mad At Vice Because It Made His Birthday Party Sound So Depressing

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Despite giving his approval, Corey Feldman is accusing Vice of slander over an article that made his birthday party seem very boring and sad.


Jennifer Lopez Performed At A Birthday Party For The 'Repressive' President Of Turkmenistan

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While her people deny that she knew of a history of human rights violations, Jennifer Lopez sang 'Happy Birthday' to the president of Turkmenistan.

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Alex Leo's Ron Swanson Birthday Party Was Probably Better Than Your Ron Swansonless Birthday Party

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Prolific internet person and UPROXX reader Alex Leo is a Ron Swanson fan. But this year, on her birthday, she took it to another level.


Kirk Cameron vs. Ian McKaye: Whose birthday party sucked more?

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One of our more memorable posts last year was the above picture of Kirk Cameron, seen celebrating his 41st birthday with a crappy cake, two chicks and 42 inches of Subway - though of course the chicks were fully clothed and one of them wasn't even allowed in the room.


This Is Why You Should Set Your Facebook Party Invitiations To Private

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Pity the poor teenager named Thessa who lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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