Here’s Your Beastly Memorial Day Weekend Netflix TV Series Recommendation

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Kelsey Grammer turns on the most savage, unholy role of his entire career in the riveting 'Boss.'

Treacherous Records

Crooked I – “Minority Report”

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There aren't many things this guy right here loves more than new Crooked I solo songs - especially when they're from 2005.


Weekend Preview: The Season Finale Of The Best Drama No One Is Watching

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The season and, perhaps, series finale of Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss," and the rest of the weekend television highlights.

Kelsey Grammer

5 Reasons Kelsey Grammer Didn't Receive An Emmy Nom That Had Nothing To Do With His Politics

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A couple of nights ago, on the Tonight Show, Kelsey Grammer was asked why he was denied an Emmy nomination for his performance in Boss last season.


Morgan Freeman as a Bubble Bath-Taking Dracula, and the Rest of the Golden Globes

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If there's one thing we learned about the Hollywood Foreign Press during last night's Golden Globes, it's that they HATE comedy.


Weekend Preview: A Mea Culpa

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Hell On Wheels/Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday) - I completely missed the premiere of "Hell on Wheels" in last week's Weekend Preview.


“Long Beach’s Nazareth…”

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The first leak off Crooked I's B.

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