Twitter’s CEO Is ‘Ashamed’ Of Its Harassment Problems And Is Tripling Support To Deal With It

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Twitter is taking strong measures against online bullying and abusive behaviors across the platform.


Three Stooges does less bad than the Farrellys' last few movies

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This weekend was a big one for hyped-up movie openings, including The Three Stooges, Cabin in the Woods, and the  PG-13 cut of Bully.

the mpaa

Sorry, The MPAA Was Right To Give 'Bully' An R Rating

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As you may have heard, there's a huge controversy brewing about Bully, Harvey Weinstein's new documentary about how teen bullying has affected a number of families throughout the country.

wrath of the titans

Weekend Movie Guide: Your Mirror Is Broken

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Opening Everywhere: Mirror Mirror, Wrath of the Titans, Goon Opening Somewhere: Bully FilmDrunk Suggests: You’re probably going to see The Hunger Games for the first time or again, but people are going crazy over Bully if you want to go watch a documentary and feel like a dick for always picking on the fat quiet kid in your math class.


“And Dog, You Just Did A Song With Bobby Brown…”

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Other than the introspective Em, his asshole alter ego may be what I most remember him by.

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