Summer Hoops: 15 WNBA-to-NBA Comparisons


I’m tired of feeling like I have to begin every women’s basketball column defending the sport and explaining why I watch women’s basketball.


The Top 10 Plays From MVP Winner Candace Parker’s Season

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Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks is the WNBA MVP for the 2013 season, it was announced Thursday.


Report: WNBA Considering Adding A Dunk Contest


Even five years ago, it would've been virtually impossible.


OKC Locks Up One Of Their MVPs; The Gasols Infiltrate The NCAA


The NBA transaction wire might be moving slower than Ben Roethlisberger running a 40-yard dash right now, but this is also the time of year when teams make those overlooked moves that lead to championships -- or at least keep them out of the lottery -- down the road.


Dwight Howard Has A New Rival; Team USA Plays For Gold Today


Back in the day, fierce rivalries amongst the baddest big men in the game were warranted, and universally expected.


Here’s Baron Davis’ ‘Getting Buckets’, A Video Game About Literally Getting Buckets


Here's a quick list of the worst things an athlete can do with his money during or after his professional career: 1.

Video Games

Baron Davis’ First Video Game Can Now Be Played


Where some might see an athlete starting a video game company as a bad idea in the wake of former pitcher Curt Schilling's doomed 38 Studios, Baron Davis has never been shy to take what some might call a low-percentage shot.


Nike World Basketball Festival Launches in Washington, D.C.

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Pardon the interruption but our regular posting schedule will be off over the next few days.


Rookie Maya Moore Has The WNBA’s Best-Selling Jersey

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Despite only entering the league this spring, Maya Moore has already become the proud owner of the WNBA's best-selling jersey.


Dime Q&A: Candace Parker Talks Russia, Sparks & Ron Harper

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Mother of Lailaa; wife of Shelden; sister of Anthony.


Dime #64: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook Are Generation Now

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To be honest, we don't know what the NBA will look like by the time the issue following this one hits newsstands.

#LeBron James

Franchise on the Brink

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Not trying to take anything away from the Celtics and the completeness of their domination, but Boston's win last night wasn't nearly as interesting as Cleveland's loss.


Brittney Griner’s First College Dunk

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If you don't know who Brittney Griner (a.


Candace Parker Is My New Favorite Celtics Fan

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For a Monday slow with basketball news, you can understand how excited I was when I saw Shelden Williams agreed to a one-year contract with the Celtics.


LeBron and Greg Oden vent; the worst-case Plan B for Odom

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Thursday's NBA news wire looked like the brainstorm meeting for an after-school special.

#LeBron James

Rookie PG’s taking over Vegas, and Lamar Odom needs a team

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After D-Wade's Twitter tease ("I got good news coming, stay tuned") turned out to be that he's leaving Converse to take his sneaker game down the hall to Jordan Brand -- and not an announcement that Lamar Odom was signing with the Heat -- it meant the most important free agent left on the market (with all due respect to Allen Iverson) is still without a team.

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