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Adam Levine & Cee Lo Green Will Judge NBC’s ‘Idol’ Knock-Off

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NBC has done something with its forthcoming singing competition "The Voice" that Fox has never done with "American Idol": it hired talented, relevant singers to be judges.


Haha, Bieber Got Shut Out

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Say what you will about the Grammys -- and believe me, I have plenty bad to say about any organization that gives an award to Train -- I have to credit last night's show for creating some magnificent and ridiculous spectacles: Lady Gaga arriving in an egg, Cee Lo Green dressed as a bird playing with muppets, and Mick Jagger moving around like someone who wasn't born during World War II.


Suddenly, Links

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Dan delves into a very, very strange video game [Uproxx] Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley's guide to this summer's essential listening [Uproxx] Burnsy's Uproxx Summer Guide: The Best NFL Training Camps To Attend [Uproxx] If Mel Gibson was a script editor (exclusive mashup) [...].

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