#Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Live-Tweeted The Super Bowl And It Was Great

By | 28 Comments

Katy Perry's boobs and a Jason Bateman throwback photo are the actress' Super Bowl highlights.


Ten Of The Most Entertaining Athletes On Social Media In 2014

By | 6 Comments

Here are the athletes who kept our attention on social media in 2014.


Samuel L. Jackson Went On A Twitter Rant For The Ages While Watching ‘Monday Night Football’

By | 20 Comments

Samuel L. Jackson went OFF on ESPN's Jon Gruden last night, calling him out for being a Aaron Rodgers slappie.

#Robin Williams

Norm MacDonald Shared A Wonderful Robin Williams Story On Twitter That Sums Up Everyone’s Loss

By | 42 Comments

Norm MacDonald once again proves to be the classiest of gentlemen in his eulogy for Robin Williams.


Kelsey Grammer Joined Twitter Today And Immediately Started Correcting Grammar

By | 23 Comments

Actor Kelsey Grammer logged into Twitter for the first time ever today, and he reminded everyone that his last name sounds like grammar.


Channing Tatum’s GQ Twitter Takeover Was As Disappointing As They Come

By | 12 Comments

'22 Jump Street' star and GQ cover star Channing Tatum took over the magazine's Twitter account today, and the results were lousy.


The Anti-Anna Kendricks: 15 Celebrities You Should Unfollow On Twitter

By | 57 Comments

Not every celebrity is worth following on Twitter. Here are 15 you should stop following immediately.

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