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At Least Some Cubs Fans Are Being Proactive

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The bad news for Chicago Cubs fans is that their team is dead last in the NL Central with a 17-32 record, 11 games behind the first place St.


You Can Buy A Day With Brett Favre If You Hate Money And Your Child

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The people behind the website <a href="">CharityBuzz</a> operate under the philosophy “Do Good, Live Well” and with that one belief, they have helped raise more than $60 million by auctioning off special event packages that involve some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports.


Facebook Wants Your Organs


OK, OK, it doesn't actually want your organs.


Joe Buck Teased A Bunch Of Cubs Fans

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The American Red Cross hosted its <a href="">annual Evening of the Stars last Thursday in Normal, Illinois,</a> and assuming hosting duties for the evening was none other than Fox Sports’ purveyor of smarmy matter of fact-ness, Joe Buck.


Australia's Stormtrooper Raised More Than $100,000 For Sick Children


Last year, <a href="">we brought you the story of Jacob French</a>, an Australian philanthropist who decided to walk across his country to raise money for the Starlight Foundation, which works with terminally ill children and their families.

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Adorable 7-Year-Old Gets To Be Batman For A Day


Kye is a 7-year-old boy from Arlington, Texas, who has a dream of starring in a Batman movie as -- who else.


Capybaras That Look Like Rafael Nadal Is Our New Favorite Tumblr

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On July 14, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are going to play a charity exhibition match at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeau Stadium, as they’ll attempt to break the all-time record for attendance at a tennis match while raising money for the Real Madrid and Rafael Nadal Foundations.


Channing Tatum Saved The Rain Forest By Giving Elton John A Lap Dance

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Last month, we gave you environmentalists the heads up that the Rainforest Foundation, created and run by Sting and his wife, <a href="">would be hosting its biannual fundraising concert</a> at Carnegie Hall, with the theme “Songs from the Silver Screen”.


Planned Parenthood Declined A $500,000 Donation From Tucker Max

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When you spend the better part of a decade busting your ass to establish a reputation as the world’s greatest storytelling womanizer, you shouldn’t be too shocked when it sticks with you long after you’d like it to.


Armageddon Watch: Channing Tatum And Meryl Streep To Perform At Carnegie Hall

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For the past 23 years, when not having 37-hour tantric sex sessions, Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, have been raising awareness for the indigenous people of Central and South American rain forests.


Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin And People You’ve Never Heard Of Went Bowling

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Chris Paul has missed the last three games with a strained left hamstring, but it’s done little to stop the 8-4 Los Angeles Clippers from at least pacing the first place Los Angeles Lakers (10-5) in the Western Conference Pacific Division.


Elin Nordegren Is Not A Heartless Monster

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Two weeks ago, we mentioned that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren (inset, attractive) <a href="">had bulldozed her $12 million home</a>, with very little reasoning or explanation other than she didn’t like it.

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Behold! Yao Ming, Man Of The People

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If you thought that something as silly as constant foot and ankle injuries leading to early retirement were going to stop former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming from dominating the world, you were dead wrong.


Kate Upton Did Something Fun With Kids

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This past Sunday, the Built Ford Tough Bullriding Series kicked off at Madison Square Garden, as <a href="">Cody Nance won the first of 29 events</a> that will culminate with a championship in Las Vegas later this year.


Justin Bieber and Michael Buble Are NHL Stars

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Justin Bieber is currently in Toronto to record a TV special for Christmas, and he spent yesterday giving back to his fellow hosers by handing out food at the Daily Bread Food Bank before he made one child’s dream come true.


More NBA Stars Are Playing For “Charity”

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I have to apologize, I swear that I didn’t have my Google news alerts set to “Obama” today, but I just can’t help when the President gets caught up in the day’s top stories.

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Google Sick of Jimmy Wales Too, Donates $500K


You kind of have to feel bad for Jimmy Wales, who currently runs Wikipedia with an iron fist; he keeps posting those personal appeals and <a href="">pretty much just gets ruthlessly mocked for them</a>.


Apple To Finally Donate Money To Charity Now That Steve Jobs Is Dead


If you've been looking for a sign that Apple would be different under new CEO Tim Cook than it was under Steve Jobs, <a href="">look no further</a>.


Game Developers Trying To Help Little Girl Walk


Because we here at UPROXX are bitter and jaded from years of hard living, we don't generally run with heart-warming stories of people being nice to each other, unless it ends with an explosion or a screaming match or something -- but this is actually pretty cool.


As Always, Heidi Klum Is Awesome At Halloween

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Halloween has always been a competition for female celebrities.

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