Watch British Minister Penny Mordaunt Sneak The Word ‘Cock’ Into A Parliament Speech Six Times On A Dare

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Penny Mordaunt, a conservative minister of the British Parliament, was dared to sneak the words 'cock,' 'lay,' and 'laid' into a speech. She won the dare.


Tuukka Rask Ain’t Care About The FCC

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The Boston Bruins decided to put an end to the Stanley Cup Finals’ perfect run of overtime games last night with a 2-0 win over the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 3.


NBA Jam XXX, A Comedy Dream Come True

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To be fair, it's more NBA Jam R than NBA Jam XXX, but this unearthed clip of the original NBA Jam with a ton of cursing in it (sample dialogue: "HE'S ON F**KING FIRE.


Ozzie Guillen On The White Sox: ‘Beep’

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Ozzie Guillen is never at a loss for exciting post-game quotes.


The Dugout: F@#%ing Avril Lavigne

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For absolutely no reason, welcome to our new weekday feature All Avril Afternoons, where Burnsy and I choose to sit inside and write about Avril instead of running around barefoot in the grass and enjoying what's left of our youth.


Everything’s Screaming In Texas

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It's too bad we don't have a button you can click to tell me how you thought this was "win" (and possibly "old"), because this clip of University of Texas baseball head coach Augie Garrido flipping the hell out and explaining his team's utter futility through extended, graphic metaphor is a definite LOLing, oh-my-godding win.

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