‘Total Divas’ Is Nominated For A Teen Choice Award, But Can It Beat ‘Dance Moms’?

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The WWE's popular reality series 'Total Divas' is taking on the Kardashians and 'Dance Moms' at the Teen Choice Awards next month.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Sons,’ Son

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'Sons of Anarchy' returns tonight for its fifth season. This is a thing that is important.


The Creator Of ‘Dance Moms’ Is Developing A Show About Extreme Parenting

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Hey, remember that time Time put a picture of a woman breastfeeding a toddler on the cover of their magazine and people around the world got all skeeved out by it? Guess what. It's going to be a TV show now. Produced by the creator of Dance Moms Yeah.

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What’s On Tonight: ‘Cougar Town’ and a Bunch of Singing and Dancing

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Cougar Town/Dancing With the Stars (ABC) - ATTENTION MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN WHO PROBABLY DON'T READ THIS BLOG: Watch "Cougar Town" before "Dancing With the Stars" tonight.


7 New and Returning January Shows You Should Seek Out and 7 You Should Avoid

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After three weeks of interminable re-runs, Christmas specials, and dead air, the winter television season often has a way of sneaking up on us.

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