A Drunk Vermont Man Kept Crashing His Vehicles Until Police Finally Gave Him A DUI

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A Vermont man drove three different vehicles drunk -- crashing two -- before police finally gave him a DUI.


Frowny-Faced Bicyclist Arrested For Allegedly Ordering Taco Bell Drive-Thru, Resisting Arrest

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If his mugshot is any indication, Grumpy Cat has taken on a human form without the help of Aubrey Plaza.

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These Two Folks Are The Real Losers In The Battle Between Car And Parking Gate

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There are more poor decisions in this 30 second clip than all of Hell Week combined.

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Russia’s Drunkest Driver


How much alcohol do you have to drink for this to happen.


Bumblebee High-Fives Drunk Guy


A friendly bumblebee makes an inebriated gentleman's day with a series of high-fives.


Drunk Man Tries to Climb Bridge, Falls Asleep Halfway Up


Here's raw footage of firemen rescuing 28-year-old Ivan Tolvich, a Serbian man who attempted to climb a bridge while drunk and passed out on a steel girder 23 feet off the ground.


Two Drunks on a Scooter


A driver spots two drunks on a scooter and tests their reactions with a quick honk of the horn.


Cuba Gooding Jr. wins the Oscar for being a drunk

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In today's edition of Stars Are Just Like Us, Cuba Gooding gets drunk and rambles incoherently.

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