‘The Expendables 3′ Is Even Funnier When Everyone Is Screwing Up Their Lines

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Harrison Ford tells Sylvester Stallone to 'Shut the f*ck up' in the gag reel for 'The Expendables 3.'


Steven Seagal On ‘The Expendables 3′: ‘I Just Didn’t Like Some Of The People Involved.’

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While he won't name names, Steven Seagal has again said that he isn't in 'The Expendables 3' because he 'just didn’t like' someone.


Remember ‘Expendables’? Well ‘ExpendaBelles’ Is Coming, In Real Life

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'ExpendaBelles,' the female-driven crossover of 'The Expendables,' has a plot and it sounds like a doozie.


Expendables 3 will star Clint Eastwood, Wesley Snipes & Nic Cage, says lunatic

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The Expendables was kind of sh*tty (and no, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece, I was expecting a dumb action movie that had decent stunts and blood that wasn't CGI) and the second one isn't out yet, but according to the producers, the franchise is already so successful that the public is clamoring for seven more sequels.


Alternate Posters for the Expendables

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It's a slow news day, so I thought that under the circumstances, this alternate poster for The Expendables 2 that <a href="" target="_blank">"johnymyko"</a> left in the comments section of my<a href="" target="_blank"> This Week in Posters</a> post warranted recognition.

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