Complaining About Your New Job On Twitter Is A Good Way To Get Fired Before You Even Start

By | 23 Comments

A girl about to start working at a pizza place learned the hard way why you don't complain about a job you haven't started yet on Twitter.


And ‘SNL’ Has Fired Its First Castmember This Summer

By | 25 Comments

It's not much of a surprise to see this cast member is the first to go in 'SNL's' rebuilding summer.


Opie & Anthony Co-Host Anthony Cumia Has Been Fired From SiriusXM

By | 102 Comments

Remember that racist rant on Twitter by Anthony Cumia? Well, that cost him his job.

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Adam Orth, Always-On Evangelist, Leaves Microsoft

By | 23 Comments

Yeah, we imagine trolling your fan base and violating your NDA would probably tick your boss off.

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