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Watch This Kid Get Knocked Upside The Head By An Angry Fish

This fishing trip went hilariously wrong after this kid got a slap to remember from a bowfin fish.


This Pic Of An 800-Pound Stingray Doesn’t Look Real


A 14-foot long stingray, weighing approximately 800 pounds and measuring 7.

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A Guy’s Fish Sex Video Has Apparently Gone Viral


The unidentified Romanian man sits back while a friend guides a non-consenting carp, erm, 'onto' him.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Giant Aquarium Break Open At The T-Rex Restaurant In Disney Orlando


Yesterday afternoon a giant fish tank burst open at a dinosaur-themed restaurant in Downtown Disney while patrons sat eating at tables nearby.

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Sneaky Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish Out Of Fisherman's Hands

A crafty sea lion comes out of nowhere to steal a fisherman's prized catch.


Dog Catches Giant Fish

Stripe the golden retriever/boxer mix catches a fish that's almost as big as he is.


350-Pound Blue Marlin Launches Itself Onto Fishing Boat

A 350-pound blue marlin jumps onto a boat in the Dominican Republic, nearly impaling the fishermen onboard.


Cat Gives Fish a Kiss

Timo the Ragdoll cat finds a friend in an unexpected place: A koi pond.


Old Guy Catches Rainbow Trout With His Bare Hands

Who needs a boat or a fishing pole when you have this guy around.


Reel Or Fake? Watch A 6-Year Old Kid Haul In A 100-Pound Tarpon


A 6-year old boy is becoming an Internet star after video was posted of him catching and reeling in a 100-pound tarpon almost entirely on his own.


Want To Save The World? Start Eating ‘Trash Fish’


Many American chefs are turning to so-called "trash fish" to provide tasty alternatives to more popular seafood as a means of ensuring future supplies.


Killer Whale Steals Fish Off Line

A couple of fishermen are caught by surprise when an orca comes out of nowhere to snag their halibut.


Bald Eagle Steals Fish Right Off Fisherman’s Line

A fisherman has a fish stolen right off his line by a bald eagle, and his reaction is priceless.


The Incredible, Terrifying Wolf Eel

Steve Backshall goes underwater to hang out with the elusive Wolf Eel.


Disabled Goldfish Gets Some Help

An enterprising goldfish owner designed this sling to help a fish that has trouble maintaining buoyancy on her own.


Man Wrestles Shark Away From Children

A British man pulls a shark back into the sea after it was found swimming in shallow waters near beachgoers in Australia.


Russian Fishermen Catch 430-Pound Catfish.

You know it's an impressive catch when it takes five giggly Russians to lift it.


True Facts About The Angler Fish

Everything you never wanted to know (and probably shouldn't believe) about one of the ocean's ugliest and strangest creatures.


Fisherman Loses Giant Mackerel to Shark

Amazing footage of a fisherman trying to reel in a huge mackerel when a shark moves in for the kill.

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