Get Ready Culinary Trendsetters, Lionfish Are Coming To Whole Foods!

04.09.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

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In a weird way, lionfish are kind of adorable. From their mane to their stripes to their little unicorn horn, you might be inclined to think that lionfish are good little pets. Oh, but actually, they’re a highly destructive invasive species who breed like crazy, have venomous spines, destroy the environment and resources of native fish, hurt like hell when stepped on, and, because of their high population, are turning into friggin’ cannibals. Yikes.

However, according to Civil Eats, Whole Foods is looking to turn this invasive fish into an edible fish. In the next six months, Whole Foods is expected to start selling lionfish at the counter in their West Coast locations. Eventually, the chain hopes to expand the sale of lionfish to all of its 431 stores.


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