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Kevin Bacon Had To Rent ‘Footloose’ To Learn His Old Dance Moves For His ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

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When Kevin Bacon appeared in a 'Footloose' tribute on 'Fallon' last year, he had to go back and rent the movie to prepare his old moves.


The Mayor Of A Small Wisconsin Town Has Banned Dancing For The Best Reason

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Neenah mayor Dean Kaufert decided to drum up support for a high school performance of 'Footloose' by playing the role of the 'bad guy.'

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Kevin Bacon Danced Up A Magical 'Footloose' Entrance For Jimmy Fallon Last Night

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Jimmy Fallon successfully targeted yet another direct hit to my nostalgia center with Kevin Bacon doing a full on Footloose dance entrance last night.


Let’s Pay Tribute To The God Of Soundtracks Kenny Loggins On His 66th Birthday

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In honor of the 66th birthday of the god of 80s movie soundtracks, we're rocking out to all of Kenny Loggins's greatest film hits.


Kevin Bacon Bribes Wedding DJs So They Won’t Play ‘Footloose’

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Kevin Bacon was a guest on Conan earlier this week, hopefully to discuss whether or not the writing on The Following will get better than “And it turns out this guy’s in the cult, too.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD and Streaming: Rated ARG for Pirates

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This week we've got a fairly typical mix: A couple movies snubbed by the Oscars, some middling Hollywood fare, the latest Happy Madison abortion, an indie or two, weird straight-to-DVD flicks, Vince's twinks in trouble, Larry the Cable Guy, and of course, Danny Trejo.


‘The Big Year’ is an epic flop

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Crap movies stunk up the box office this weekend, with The Big Year winning the prize for stinkiest.


Weekend Movie Guide: ‘The Big Year’ Is For The Birds LOL

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In Theaters Errywhere: The Big Year, The Thing, Footloose In Theaters Somewhere: Trespass, Fireflies in the Garden FilmDrunk Suggests: Vince is going to see The Lion King for the 114th time.


Today’s NY Post cover really says it all

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As you can see, today's NY Post cover is a model of serendipitous picture/headline juxtapositions.


Footloose remake trailer: Kevin Bacon is from Bawston now

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Yesterday I posted the first batch of pictures, and now we have a full-length trailer for the MTV Films-sponsored remake of Footloose, which is pretty much indistinguishable from a sequel to Step Up to the Streets.

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Footloose is about line dancing now

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One of the immutable laws of network television these days is that if a show is about singing and/or dancing, the old people who still watch network TV will love it (the Flyover States seem to have a real love-hate relationship with the gays).


Feature-length, fan-made remake of Footloose pwns Hollywood

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Want to watch a feature-length, fan-made remake of Footloose.

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I know how worried you guys were that High School Musical director Kenny Ortega's Footloose remake wouldn't happen after Zac Efron dropped out, but fear not.

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