Blake Bortles Will Be Drafted By Every Mom In America After Yesterday’s GMA Appearance


Potential No. 1 draft pick Blake Bortles stopped by 'Good Morning America' with his mom to make the whole country say, "Awwwwwww."


Stephen Colbert Reporting for ‘Good Morning America’ in 1997

Rare footage of a young "Steve" Colbert doing a non-satirical (but still funny) segment on Rube Goldberg machines for Good Morning America back in 1997.


Kinkajou Poops on GMA Anchor Josh Elliott

GMA anchor Josh Elliott gets a special Monday morning treat from a kinkajou, on live television.


GMA Host Elizabeth Vargas Asks, “What Is Teabagging?”

Isla Fisher tells a story about a teabagging incident involving her mom at a male strip club, and Good Morning America host Elizabeth Vargas needs to know more.

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Our Crush Jenna Marbles Was On GMA This Morning Discussing The 'Grinding' Scourge


Traditional media wouldn't be the traditional media if it didn't drum up retarded stories about the sh*t kids these days are doing to scare old people.

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