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That Hayley Atwell ‘Agent Carter’ TV Series Is Totally Happening

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The long rumored 'Agent Carter' TV series may come to fruition this year...

Hayley Atwell

Kick-Ass Rumor: The Captain America Spin-Off TV Series ‘Agent Carter’ Has Signed Its Lead Star

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Will television finally get a kick-ass female-led superhero series in 'Agent Carter'?

agent carter

Here’s A Look At The ‘Iron Man 3′ DVD’s Hayley Atwell Bonus Content

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Check out a clip from the 'Agent Carter' short coming with the Iron Man 3 DVD...

Hayley Atwell

‘Agent Carter’ Will Be Marvel’s Next ‘One-Shot’ Short Film

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Hayley Atwell returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a One-Shot debuting next week.


Two Fiery New Captain America Clips


Captain America: The First Avenger opened today and we have a couple more clips with even more fire than the Hydra base and killing Red Skull's faceless minions along the way.


Bootleg Teaser for “The Avengers” Plus New Captain America Stuff


Since Captain America: The First Avenger opens this Friday, we have two new clips.


Two New Clips From ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’


Did you know Howard Stark's cameo was cut from SNL's "Schmitt's Gay" commercial.


Chris Evans dives on a grenade for ‘Murica

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Captain America is probably going to suck, but at least now it has a trailer and poster that will help you pretend it won't for a few minutes.


New Trailer, Posters, And A Bunch Of Pictures From Captain America


We've got a huge amount of new Captain America: The First Avenger stuff to get to this morning so I'll keep this short.


Captain America has cheeseball posters

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Boy, this new set of Captain America adult Halloween costumes looks really good-- wait, you're saying these are the actual movie posters.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Atwell To Be Captain America’s Huckleberry


If you're a donkey d--ked stud, then no doubt you've already heard the news that Marvel Studios has officially confirmed <a href="">Hayley Atwell</a> as Peggy Carter in its latest upcoming production, Captain America: The First Avenger.

alice eve

Captain America something something boobs

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Peggy was a girlfriend of Captain America during World War II.

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