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Ubisoft Also Thinks It’s Too Hard To Put Women Into ‘Far Cry 4′

By | 38 Comments

Hand us the shovel, Ubisoft. You've dug yourself in deep enough.


Why Adults Can, And Should, Read Young Adult Novels Without Shame

By | 37 Comments

Tiresome snobs are complaining people aren't listening to them about YA fiction. Gee, we can't imagine why.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Is The Latest Game Delayed To 2015 (Plus Batmobile Footage)

By | 15 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' is the latest game delayed to next year, and the one that hurts the most.


Andrew Garfield Thinks He’s Playing Jesus In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

By | 17 Comments

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' will get heavy-handed, apparently.

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Facebook’s New News Feed Is The Old News Feed


Facebook is redesigning the site. Again. Sort of. It's complicated.

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The Rumored Twitter Redesign Looks A Lot Like Facebook

By | 4 Comments

We've already seen a Twitter redesign... and now we might be seeing yet another one in short order.


Here’s Why The Internet Is Angry At Piers Morgan (This Week)

By | 47 Comments

It's no surprise Piers Morgan is kind of a jackass, but he hit new heights this week with his treatment of transgender activist Janet Mock.


Facebook Will Help Companies Eavesdrop On The Conversations You Have With Friends On Facebook

By | 7 Comments

Facebook First Rule: Privacy is key. Facebook's Second Rule: By "privacy", we mean money. Want this dude's medical records?

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Twitter Introduces The Blue Line: A Desperately Needed Feature Everyone Hates

By | 9 Comments

Twitter's new Blue Line makes conversations easier to follow. Needless to say, this has enraged Twitter's users.

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Police Blame ‘Grand Theft Auto’ For A Tragic Shooting

By | 10 Comments

Louisiana police decide buck-passing is more important than honesty, so quick, let's blame 'Grand Theft Auto' for this shooting!

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Facebook May Use Instagram To Create Its Own Version Of Vine

By | 2 Comments

Instagram will be adding video possibly as soon as this week, proving there's no social media idea Facebook isn't jealous of.


‘SimCity’ Gets Its First Free DLC. It’s A Nissan Leaf Ad.

By | 7 Comments

SimCity's first DLC is... an ad for the Nissan Leaf. But hey, at least it's free.

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Remember CISPA? It Might Be Law As Soon As Tomorrow.

By | 6 Comments

CISPA was less than popular the first time around. Can it handle round two?


Ralph Nader: Video Games Are “Electronic Child Molesters”

By | 19 Comments

Losing a few Presidential campaigns does not seem to have done much for Ralph Nader's temper. Or ability to objectively analyze shoddy scientific studies.

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Dipsh*t Congressman Introduces Yet Another Clueless Anti-Video Game Law

By | 15 Comments

Jim Matheson, of the Utah delegation, would like to waste your time and tax money with yet another dumb anti-video-game law.

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Facebook Plans To Let Anybody Message You, If They’re Willing To Pay For It

By | 5 Comments

You know, Facebook stock is not tanking. It's actually up. We're pretty sure they're just trolling us at this point.

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Ohio State University Publishes Yet Another Sloppy Video Game Violence Study

By | 24 Comments

Another day, another study with glaring problems that jumps to conclusions.

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Heads Up: Everything You’ve Uploaded To Instagram Is Now On The Web

By | 3 Comments

Hope there was nothing embarrassing on your Instagram account, because somebody may have already found it.

death of print

Brazilian Newspapers Blame Google News For Their Problems


Newspapers: "Increased competition? Declining readership? Cultural irrelevancy? It must be the most visible search engine causing all our problems!"

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