Watch Lisa Ann Rant About The Difference Between Porn Stars And Prostitutes

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The retired adult film star educates the masses (and flaunts hers) in the video targeting young 20-something women.


19 Year-Old Twin Redhead Sisters Were Arrested In Raleigh For Alleged Prostitution

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These redheaded twins got into prostitution and got caught. Never go into prostitution with your siblings, or ever.

San Diego

Pimps In San Diego Make More In One Month Than Most Of Us Tricks Do In A Year

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Pimps makes more in a month than most of us do in a year. I really got into the wrong field.


Google Isn’t Trying Hard Enough To Remove The Photos From Max Mosley’s Hooker Orgy

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Former FIA president and Formula 1 owner Max Mosley earned a victory in court, as a French judge ordered Google to remove all of his hooker orgy photos.

#Justin Bieber

Did A Brazilian Hooker Post Video Of Justin Bieber Sleeping In Her Bed To YouTube? You Make The Call!

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Justin Bieber has apparently been videotaped with an alleged Brazilian prostitute. Kid's got a rough life.


Florida Friday: Beware The Genital-Biting Prostitutes Of Orlando!

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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned living in Florida as long as I have, it’s that if you’re going to hire an escort and snort ecstasy with her, you need to be aware that she might try to bite your genitals and gouge your eyes out until you die.


Poker Champ Greg Raymer Allegedly Went All-In On Some Prostitutes

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Hey, remember Greg Raymer, the every guy, average Joe who, along with Chris Moneymaker the year before, came out of nowhere to win the 2004 World Series Poker Main Event and helped push the classic card game to new heights of global popularity.


Brazilian Hookers Are Learning English For The 2014 World Cup Tournament

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One of my 2013 New Year’s sports resolutions that I forgot to write about was more soccer coverage this year, because people seem to like soccer despite that whole not-using-your-hands thing.


So How Many Other Olympic Athletes Are Las Vegas Escorts?

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Chances are that before yesterday, unless you were a huge fan of the Summer Olympics in the 1990s, you had no clue who Suzy Favor Hamilton was, and that’s fine because you have a lot on your mind.


Bryan Cranston Lost His Virginity To A Hooker

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The fact that it wasn't a Tijuana hooker makes me like him that much more.


David Beckham Wants To Sue This Prostitute

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By all accounts, 2011 was a fantastic year for David Beckham.


Is ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Better Than Sports?

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By now you’re probably familiar with the story of Paisley Dickey, the diminutive diva who has become a “Toddlers & Tiaras” anti-sensation in the wake of her mother dressing her as a prostitute on a recent episode of the show from hell.


‘Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots’

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If Mike Tyson's show about pigeons ("Taking on Tyson") wasn't enough for you, don't worry, because Animal Planet has added another series to the "fading celebrities with birds" genre.

Reality TV

New Reality Show: Who Wants to Marry an African Hooker?

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I'm not sure whether this is happy or sad: Muvi TV in Zambia is airing a reality show called "Ready for Marriage" that tries to find husbands for former prostitutes.


Real-Life Dexter Killing N.Y. Hookers

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A serial killer targeting Craigslist prostitutes has such a sophisticated understanding of investigation techniques that police now suspect the killer may work within a law enforcement agency.

Two And A Half Men

Stupid People Still Like Charlie Sheen

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A poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter and Penn Schoen Berland found that most Americans are totally fine with Charlie Sheen doing briefcases of cocaine, nailing hookers, and abusing women.

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