4th of July

Here Are 7 Explosively Colorful Games To Play Over The Fourth Of July Weekend

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Don't give yourself the grey-brown blues over the long weekend. Here are seven games as colorful as Fourth of July fireworks.

InFamous: First Light

‘InFamous: Second Son’ Will Be Getting Standalone DLC In August


'InFamous: First Light' starring lady conduit Fetch is coming this summer.

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Interview: Sucker Punch's Billy Harper On 'inFamous: Second Son


Sucker Punch's animation director, Billy Harper, weighs in on 'inFamous: Second Son.'


'inFamous: Second Son' Is Refined, But Not Revolutionary

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'inFamous: Second Son' refines the series... but doesn't change it as much as you might want.


5 Games You Want This Week (Mar. 16th – 22nd): Solidly Infamous

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The PS4 gets an exclusive you might actually want to play and Konami gives us a Metal Gear appetizer in this week's Five Games...


This ‘inFamous: Second Son’ Spot Is The Closest We’ll Get To An inFamous Movie

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inFamous: Second Son has a live action spot better than some superhero movies.


15-Minutes Of ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Footage Shows Off The Game’s Open World Seattle


You won't be able to understand what people are saying if you don't speak Russian, but this new 'Infamous: Second Son' footage speaks for itself...


The Next-Gen Rain and Puddle Tech Of ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Does Seattle Proud

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'InFamous: Second Son' shows off it's virtual Seattle in one of it's prettiest trailers yet...

playstation 4

The PS4′s Most Promising Upcoming Game, ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Gets A Grungy New Trailer

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'InFamous: Second Son' is the next big game for the Playstation 4, and thankfully it's looking pretty solid...

InFAMOUS: Second Son

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy The PS4

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The PS4 comes out this Friday, but maybe you should hold onto your $400...


Want To Know What Happened To Cole McGrath? You’ll Have To Preorder inFamous: Second Son

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'inFamous: Second Son' will tell you why Cole McGrath isn't taking the lead for the third game.

Deep Down

Sony Unveils The Playstation 4 In An Endurance Testing Press Conference

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Playstation 4 is coming this year and bringing new Killzone, InFAMOUS, and more with it...

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