What Is Jason Garrett Thinking While He’s Sitting Next To James Harden?

Why is Jason Garrett smiling like that? People don't smile like that in real life.

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Better Know A Former Backup QB: Jason Garrett


Today, we look at former Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants QB Jason Garrett, who has kept a relatively low profile since retiring in 2000.

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The Cowboys Are a Laboratory Of Losing


The Cowboys had a 99 percent win probability with 1:24 left.

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Jason Garrett Wants To Teach The Cowboys About Triangles


Taking the right pursuit angle is a pretty important thing in football, whether you're talking receivers running routes or defenders trying to make a tackle.


A Tale Of Two NFL Parodies: ‘Don’t Ice Ice Bailey’ Vs. ‘I Could Be Your Jordy’


By icing his own kicker in the 4th quarter on what should have been an easy game-winning field goal, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett basically took the door off the hinges and invited parody into his life.

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‘Pronate The Wrist’ Heh, Heh – Good One, Joe Buck


That ended up being one hell of an entertaining game, which is nice, because for a while it seemed like it was going to be nothing else but one long procession of slurping from Troy Aikman and Joe Buck every time Jason Garrett threw a challenge flag.


Wade Phillips Fired


Wade Phillips's holiday calendar just got a lot more wide open.

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