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Nigel McGuinness Is Going To Save Pro Wrestling With LA Fights

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Nigel McGuinness brings us LA Fights, a new project that mixes pro graps with MMA, high-concept drama and comedy, all for under $400,000.


The MegaBots ‘Mad Scientists’ Want To Finally Make Robot Fighting A Reality

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With a lofty goal of $1.8 million, this Kickstarter project could finally turn robots into lethal killing machines for sport.

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Here’s A Trailer For A Horror Movie Written And Directed By A Kick Ass 14-Year-Old Girl

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A plucky 14-year-old girl fulfilled her dream of making a '1980s-style slasher flick' with a little help from Kickstarter and her dad.


‘The Coolest’ Is The $4.3 Million Proof That No Idea Is Too Simple For Kickstarter

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With a goal of $50,000, 'The Coolest' is the dream cooler that has already collected more than $4.3 million in funding on Kickstarter.


Meet Ryan Beitz, The Man Who Wants To Own Every VHS Copy Of ‘Speed’ On Earth

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Ryan Beitz has made it his life's goal to own every VHS copy of the 1994 action movie 'Speed' that was ever made. Why? Why not?


Introducing ‘Tailly’, The Robotic Tail That Lets Humans Express Emotion Like Dogs

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A Japanese man is trying to raise funds for Tailly, which is a robotic tail for humans to wear and express emotion like animals.

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Contribute To Restore The Enterprise D's Bridge, Get Star Trek Collectibles

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OK, so you probably don't need more Trek junk, but it's money that goes to saving the Enterprise.

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Kickstarter's Indie Cred Slips Away as Obsidian Readies a Kickstarter Project

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It's been rumored recently, and a couple days ago the company seemed to confirm it via Twitter -- Obsidian Entertainment is working on putting together a Kickstarter project.


Alan Moore to Contribute to “Occupy Comics”

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Hard on the heels of punting Frank Miller for a field goal over Miller's boneheaded comments about the Occupy movement, Alan Moore has announced he'll be contributing a prose piece to "Occupy Comics".

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