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David Goyer’s ‘Krypton’ TV Series Has Found A Home At Syfy

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The rumors have proven themselves to be true, David Goyer is working on a 'Krypton' series for Syfy, but will it work?


David Goyer Is Working On An Intriguing New TV Series Called ‘Krypton’

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Ready for "Superman Begins?" It might be coming to TV, as 'Krypton.'


Flying Lotus’ “Until The Quiet Comes” Doesn’t Sound Like Anything, But Feels Like Something

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When Until The Quiet Comes drops today, Flying Lotus fans and listeners will suck their thumbs again when they try to describe what he sounds like.

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Oh Hey, It’s That Deleted $10 Million Opening From Superman Returns

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Look, I realize that not a whole lot of people really enjoyed Brian Singer's 2006 Superman Returns, however I thought the subtext that even the Man of Steel can get crushed by a woman was effing great.

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