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Someone Hacked An L.A. Traffic Sign To Tell People To ‘Read A F*cking Book’

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A Downtown Los Angeles traffic sign was recently hacked by an unknown genius to say 'Read A F*cking Book'.


Watch This Drone Nearly Get Destroyed By A Gang After Flying Through L.A.’s Skid Row

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A group of belligerent Skid Row youngins nearly broke the drone into a million pieces.

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Seth Rogen To The First Audience To See ‘The Interview': ‘Thank You So F*cking Much’

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Seth Rogen made an appearance at Cinefamily in Los Angeles to thank the first audience that paid to see 'The Interview' in a theater.


Report: Roger Goodell Has Barred Any NFL Team From Moving To Los Angeles For The 2015 Season

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Roger Goodell is reportedly nixing any potential NFL team moving to LA in 2015, leaving it up in the air for another season.

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Check Out This Guy Dropping A Slew Of F-Bombs As A Tornado Rips Through His Los Angeles Neighborhood

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If you witnessed an apocalyptic storm tearing through beautiful, sunny California, you'd be cursing in disbelief, too.

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A Half-Naked Actress Hid From A Mentally Disturbed Home Invader On Her Roof

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After a homeless man broke into her house, Melora Rivera fled to the roof.


Rich LA Schools Have Vaccination Rates As Low As South Sudan

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Whooping cough and measles are making a comeback in wealthy LA schools.


A Man Busted For Meth Tricked The Police (And TMZ) Into Thinking He Was Scott Weiland

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A hilariously dumb mistake by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office led to TMZ reporting that singer Scott Weiland was in jail for meth.

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Prank Caller To LA News Station: UCLA Campus Flooded Because ‘Someone Took A Really Large Dump’

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"Louis Slungpue" pranked an LA news station during a UCLA campus flood, saying the incident was due to "someone taking a really large dump."


See ‘They Live’ Brought To Life In Downtown Los Angeles

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Bringing 'They Live' to life is a good way to freak out a crowd while making a statement and showing your love for a classic.

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Justin Bieber Moved Into A Beverly Hills Condo And Is Already Terrorizing The Sh*t Out Of His New Neighbors

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Is there nowhere poor Justin Bieber can find solace from all of the haters who don't want to live anywhere near him?


Donald Sterling Was The Special Guest At A Predominantly Black Church Service Over The Weekend

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Embattled and disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling was offered forgiveness by some of the people at a church service yesterday.


Polish Your Monocles, Because Taco Bell Is Going Fancy On Our Asses

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Taco Bell is going after the Chipotle crowd now with a new restaurant in Huntington Beach known as the U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Tap Room.


These Horrible People Took Pictures As A Man Attempted Suicide In L.A.

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When a person is threatening to kill himself, the only logical thing to do is take a picture of yourself.

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Music Artist PAZ Replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber CDs With His Own New Mixtape For April Fools' Day

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Los Angeles-based EDM artist PAZ replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber 'Believe' CDs in stores with his own new mixtape.

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The KTLA Anchor’s Face When This Morning’s Earthquake Hit Is Why Live TV Is The Best

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Chris Schauble's face the moment it went down is undeniably the GREATEST earthquake face.

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Here’s A Fun Compilation Of Los Angeles News Teams Freaking Out Over Two Inches Of Rain

By | 17 Comments

Currently in LA the local news can't decide if they should freak out more over how DESPERATELY they need the rain or the rain itself.

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