Who Is This Man And Why Is He Creepily Videobombing Samantha Ponder?

By | 2 Comments

This man made the most of his TV time with a creepy videobomb on ESPN.

the purge

A Louisville Teen Tricked The Cops Into Thinking A ‘Purge’ Was Coming

By | 6 Comments

Louisville authorities thought the plot of "The Purge" was going to happen in real life. It didn't.


Louisville Sportscaster Adam Lefkoe Is Back With 43 ‘Christmas Vacation’ References In A Single Sportscast

By | 11 Comments

43 Christmas Vacation references in a single sports cast is the gift that keeps on giving.



By | 4 Comments

This ad for Louisville's tourism industry isn't exactly funny, but it's certainly clever in the way it spoofs all the ads targeted toward men whose penises don't get hard.

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