Watch This Gamer Power Up With Marriage Proposal At 2015 AGDQ Marathon

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During the 2015 Awesome Games Done Quick winter marathon, one gamer walked away with more than an impossibly fast speed-running time.

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The Dark Side Of The Force Helped A Young Padawan Propose To His Girlfriend With ‘Star Wars’ LEGO


Student got a little help from Darth Vader in his marriage proposal. I wonder what kind of wedding present the Sith Lord plans to give them?


This Paddle Boat Wedding Proposal Doesn’t End The Way This Gentleman Had Hoped

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This guy planned out every aspect of his wedding proposal, waited for the right moment, and then forgot to hold tight to the ring.

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UNC Tight End And Potential First Round Pick Eric Ebron Proposed Today

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Predicted as a first round pick in the NFL Draft tonight, UNC's Eric Ebron proposed to his girlfriend atop the Empire State Building.


Sorry Boys, Kate Upton Is Getting Married … To A Magical Dragon

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It's a sad day for single men around the world as Kate Upton may be getting married. Good news? She was proposed to by a giant plush dragon.


Awkward Man Will Photobomb All Your Most Precious Moments

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A very awkward dad very awkwardly photobombs a touching proposal at Disney.


This Is Why You Don’t Propose Marriage on National TV, Doofus

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Asking a woman to marry you on national television seems like it should be a low risk, big reward opportunity.

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