This Colorado Meth And Taco Truck Operation Was The ‘Breaking Bad’ Of Food Trucks

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An alleged Colorado taco truck/meth operation has been thwarted, but why did they turn to illegal drugs in the first place?


This Is The Mugshot Of A Meth Addict Who Splashed His Face With Toilet Water

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Finally, a headline with the words "meth" and "toilet water" in it.


A 7-Year Old Florida Boy Told On His Mom For Having A Meth Lab In Her Trunk

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A Florida woman was arrested after her 7-year old son told her landlord about the bag of meth-cooking equipment in her trunk.


Florida Woman Arrested For Shooting Missile Into Car Has The Most Florida Name Imaginable

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A woman with the most Florida name in history has been arrested for "shooting into or throwing deadly missiles into" an occupied car.


Cool Off With The Story Of The Ice Cream Man Busted For Selling Meth Out Of His Ice Cream Truck

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This man decided to sell a bit more than ice cream to his local neighborhood.


Oklahoma Offers Us The Dumbest, Most Hilariously Homophobic Meth Arrest Video Of The Year

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Two Oklahoma men were arrested for meth after a traffic stop, and they didn't realize that the dash cam recorded their stupid plan.


Guess What Happened When A Meth Head Tried To Rob A Bunch Of Australian Strippers?

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Las Vegas police arrested a man who hilariously attempted to rob an Australian male review called “Thunder from Down Under” at the Excalibur.


Everyone’s Favorite Meth-Smoking Incest Enthusiast Found Yet Another Way To Get Thrown In Jail

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Charlene Ellet, who famously made out with her brother in jail after being arrested for shoplifting and meth possession, is back in jail.


A Florida Man Was Busted With $1 Million Worth Of Meth And A Walter White Doll

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After federal agents discovered $1 million worth a meth in a Florida man's home, a Walter White doll was also found in his truck.


The Popular Bodybuilding Supplement ‘Craze’ Is Actually A ‘Close Cousin Of Meth’

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According to a new study, the bodybuilding supplement Craze has an ingredient that closely resembles methamphetamine.


Real Life ‘Breaking Bad': Middle School Tutor With Stage III Cancer Arrested In Meth Bust

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In a case of real life mimicking "Breaking Bad," a Massachusetts tutor suffering from stage III cancer was arrested in a meth bust.

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Meth: The Pharmaceutical Ad


A new study out of Taiwan has shown that methamphetamines may help fight the flu, prompting one major drug company to spring into action.


Breaking Bad IRL, The Chillest Cat Ever, And Links


Today's links, featuring a very chillaxed cat sitting like a person and a craft store honing in on Walter White's territory.


Methed-up gas huffer calling herself The Karate Kid tries to bite police

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A methed-up gas huffer reportedly told police that she was "The Karate Kid" before trying to bite them and getting tazed twice in South Carolina this week (you feel that breeze just now.

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