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An Elephant And A Giraffe Push It To The Limit In 'Grand Theft Auto IV'


Two more great free 'Grand Theft Auto IV' mods let you play as an elephant or a giraffe. All arguments invalid. All other mods irrelephant.

3D printing

3D-Printed Records Play Led Zeppelin And ‘Star Wars’ Theme On A Fisher Price Record Player


Fred Murphy figured out how to make custom 3D-printed records for a '70s Fisher Price record player to play Led Zeppelin and other stuff.


GTA IV Elephant Mod


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Grand Theft Auto IV as a laser-shooting elephant.


'Back to the Future GTA IV' Mod Let's You Time Travel With A DeLorean In Liberty City

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'Back to the Future GTA IV' mod let's 'Grand Theft Auto IV' players drive a time-traveling DeLorean around Liberty City. This is heavy.


'Grand Theft Auto' Horse Returns To Push It To The Limit

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The 'Grand Theft Auto IV' horse is back to get engage in horseplay and push it to the limit. This dude is earning all the achievements.


Matt Damon Minecraft Texture Pack? Matt Damon Minecraft Texture Pack.


To start off, there are already pretty much endless possibilities when it comes to Minecraft.

Ben Heck

A Hot Pocket Dispensing Xbox 360 Controller? A Hot Pocket Dispensing Xbox 360 Controller.


For anyone who has never heard of <a href="">Ben Heck</a>, I highly suggest heading on over to his <a href="">website</a> now.


Skyrim And Friendship Are Magic


I thought the Skyrim mod that replaced the dragons in Skyrim with Macho Man Randy Savage (<a href="">Fos Ro Yeah!</a>) would be the only Skyrim mod able to make me hop up and down clapping like I just found all the Christmas presents my parents were hiding (last November was awesome, you guys).


Fus Ro Yeah!


Randy "Macho Man" Savage is now available as a mod in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

bork bork bork

That’s What Skyrim Needed: A Creepy Child Army


<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-53814"></a>We don't generally make fun of the Swedish on here because, well, there's so little to make fun of.


These Links Are Bigger On The Inside

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Why We Must Save ‘Community’: The Venn Diagram |UPROXX| The NY Times Continues Its Hilarious War On Taylor Lautner |UPROXX| The Top 5 Tablets For Holiday 2011 |Smoking Section| Michael Bay demands Big Macs |Film Drunk| Whoops, We Forgot About The Murderer Part |With [...].


Don’t Blink In Minecraft


Australian Minecraft modder and Doctor Who fan Anthony G.


“Team Fortress 2″ About to Go All Poppins?


"Team Fortress 2" is one of the few games designed for multiplayer that genuinely works, possibly because instead of being a festival of self-seriousness and seven-year-olds whining about how you're better than them, it's got the typical Valve sense of humor.

grown men should not be so excited over this

Minecraft Mod Grabs Your Pokeballs?


Minecraft is, <a href="">as we've seen</a>, pretty much infinitely moddable: there is nothing that exists the modding community won't try to put in.


A Motorcycle Build For 25


Colin Furze wasn't deterred by an arrest on a firearms charge for his Furze set out to break another record for the world's longest motorcycle, as seen in the video below.


8 Rad Modified Motorcycle Helmets

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Youtuber Tigerpause444 likes to modify motorcycle helmets into geek icons -- some of them with voice changers, sound effects, LEDs, etc.

Julie Watai

Furby Circuit Bending With An Uncomfortably Cute Japanese Maid


I usually do not condone skinning small helpless creatures, but in the case of <a href="">Julie Watai</a> and her Furby mod fetish, I believe I can definitely make an exception.


Guy Mods R2-D2 To Play Xbox 360, Projector Included

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These days, it seems that everyone loves themselves a little R2-D2.

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