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Nancy Grace Just Lost Her WWE Privileges

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Nancy Grace's tactful, compassionate coverage of the Ultimate Warrior's death has resulted in a "go on the show and you're fired" statement.

Diamond Dallas Page

Here Are The Sane, Compassionate Things Nancy Grace Had To Say About The Ultimate Warrior’s Death

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The Ultimate Warrior died on Tuesday, so Wednesday means Nancy Grace yelling about steroids and making outrage face. Also, Diamond Dallas Page is there.


Hey Everyone, Nancy Grace Has A New Hairstyle!

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Everyone's super favorite cable news show host and queen of the ridiculous hashtags, Nancy Grace, Tweeted a photo of her hot new hairstyle tonight.


Remember The Baby Left In The Toilet So His Mom Could Watch SummerSlam? Nancy Grace Hashtagged It.

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Nancy Grace honored the memory of the child murdered by its mother in a Pennsylvania sports bar with the hashtag #TOILETBABY, because she is the devil.


Nancy Grace And CNN Faked A Split-Screen Remote Interview

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The Atlantic Wire caught CNN and Nancy Grace faking a split-screen remote interview because both cameras were in the same parking lot.

Social Media

Murder Suspect Jodi Arias Is Using Twitter To Talk To The Public, Fight With Nancy Grace

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Murder suspect Jodi Arias is breaking odd new ground by having a Twitter she updates from prison.

2012 RECAP

The 10 Best TV Shows To ‘Hate Watch’ From 2012

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A list of TV shows and people from 2012 we had the most fun hate watching in 2012.

Here Is The First Clip From 'The Eleventh Victim,' Nancy Grace's Lifetime Movie Starring Metta World Peace

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Nancy Grace made a Lifetime Original Movie. Starring Metta World Peace. As a detective. YUP.

kill it with fire

1st clip from Nancy Grace & Metta World Peace's Lifetime Movie

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In case you missed it, Nancy Grace wrote a book a while back (The Eleventh Victim), which became a Lifetime movie, which now stars Jennie Garth and Metta World Peace, who was on Dancing with the Stars with Grace back when he was still named Ron Artest.


Metta World Peace starring in a Lifetime Movie written by Nancy Grace. This is not Mad Libs.

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Metta World Peace [formerly Ron Artest] is starring in a Lifetime Movie written by Nancy Grace.


A Pennsylvania Woman Filed A Delightful Lawsuit Alleging That Nancy Grace Is An ‘Illuminati Actor’

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A Pennsylvania woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that Nancy Grace and Casey Anthony are "Illuminati actors" who are "working in cahoots."


Nancy Grace Has Mastered Twitter

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You think you're good at Twitter? Step aside and Nancy Grace show you how it's done.

good morning america

Nancy Grace Is Still An Idiot

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After Whitney Houston died, Nancy Grace went on her show and baselessly speculated that she was murdered, or that someone "let her die.


Morning Links, How Do They Work?


Links ‘There is No Bigatory in Juggaloism’: Pictures & Quotes from American Juggalo - Juggalos should be a reminder to white people that they should 1) not smoke, 2) lead a healthy lifestyle, 3) not take advantage of poor women with no self-esteem.


Well That’s a Relief, I Guess

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Not that this will help us un-vomit our collective breakfast, but Nancy Grace says that her wardrobe malfunction last night revealed only a pasty, and not the sliced ham hock of a nipple that we all feared.


God Smites Earth with Nancy Grace Nip Slip

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Forget hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes: the surest sign that God is pissed at humanity is the brief nipple slip Nancy Grace suffered on "Dancing with the Stars" last night.


New Favorite Tumblr: F*ck Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams

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A few weeks ago, the blogging/social networking website Tumblr boasted its 1,000,000th blog post and I figured that just meant that people re-posted the same Nyan Cat picture a few hundred thousand times, but it was a milestone nonetheless.


Post-Vacation Morning Links


Here's a picture of me making the world's teenagers and emo bands jealous.

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