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Listen To Fashawn’s ‘Something To Believe In’ With Nas And Aloe Blacc

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Fashawn delivers a new single with Nas and Aloe Blacc called "Something To Believe In."


Watch Video Of Drake And Nas Performing For Sprite’s ‘Obey Your Thirst’ Concert

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Video from Drake and Nas performing for Sprite’s Obey Your Thirst All-Star Weekend.

Rebel Heart

Listen To Madonna’s New Tracks With Nas And Chance The Rapper, ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ And ‘Iconic’

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Listen to two new tracks from Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' - "Veni Vidi Vici" with Nas and "Iconic" with Chance The Rapper.

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Watch Beastie Boys And Nas In The Previously Unreleased Video For ‘Too Many Rappers’

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Previously unreleased video surfaces for Beastie Boys' "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas.


Five Fun ‘Facts’ About Nas’ ‘Stillmatic’

By | 15 Comments

Here are some some things you might not know about the 2001 release.

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Jay Z Vs. Nas: The Story Behind The Last Great Rivalry In Hip Hop History

By | 76 Comments

In the early 2000s, they wanted to wipe each other off the planet. Here's the full story of their legendary beef.


Father & All-Star, Elton Brand, Has Seen It All During His 15-Year Career


It's impossible not to picture the regal bearing of Elton Brand every time he drops another gem of knowledge on us.

The N.

A Wing And A Prayer: How Nas Tried To Sabotage My Diet

By | 34 Comments

How Nas' "Fried Chicken" almost ruined my diet.


Nas, Judas Priest, Deafheaven, And More Photos From Fun Fun Fun Fest

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A three-day musical extravaganza in Austin, Texas, featuring Judas Priest, Deafheaven, Nas, Girl Talk, and many more.


The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

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You may not always recognize them, but plenty of our favorite celebrities' voices are pushing products from cars to insurance.

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Did You Forget That Vanilla Ice Had His Own Terrible Board Game?


Nas, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon all stand in awe at the 'Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game' with electronic beat box.

Nas: Time Is Illmatic

A Look Inside The Making Of Nas’ ‘Time Is illMatic’ Documentary

By | 16 Comments

This documentary is about to be the best thing On Demand, by far.

ScHoolboy Q

Nas Joins ScHoolboy Q For ‘Studio’ Remix

By | 12 Comments

God's Son lets his mind flow free over Q's radio hit.


1994 For The Win: The 20 Greatest Things To Happen In Pop Culture 20 Years Ago

By | 32 Comments

1994 was an amazing year for pop culture. Here are the best movies, TV shows, and albums it had to offer.

Nas: Time Is Illmatic

Watch The Latest Trailer For Nas’ ‘Time Is Illmatic’ Documentary

By | 4 Comments

"I wanted to do 'Illmatic' to leave my voice as proof that I was here."

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