Here’s Why Facebook Is Pissed At Neil DeGrasse Tyson Over GMOs

By | 49 Comments

Neil DeGrasse Tyson took on GMOs, and the Internet is FURIOUS. Here's why.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Some Issues With ‘Terminator’, Is Not A Time-Traveling Robot

By | 5 Comments

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the probability of time-traveling killer robots to a child.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson And Cinema Sins Find Everything Wrong With ‘Gravity’

By | 11 Comments

Neil DeGrasse Tyson helps take down Sandra Bullock's space odyssey.

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Here's Neil deGrasse Tyson Watching Himself In Slow Motion With An Audience Of People


What's better than Neil deGrasse Tyson being slowed down in a video? Neil deGrasse Tyson watching himself be slowed down in a video.


Creationists Are Demanding Neil deGrasse Tyson Humor Them On 'Cosmos'

By | 58 Comments

Creationists hate "Cosmos" as much as Neil deGrasse Tyson loves "Deep Impact."

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Talking In Slow Motion Is Trippier Than Anything You'll See On 'Cosmos'

By | 5 Comments

The famous video of Neil waxing poetic about Sir Isaac Newton, slowed down just enough to make him sound high as a kite.

SXSW 2014

There’s Only One Sci-Fi Movie Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Is Scientifically FLAWLESS

By | 22 Comments

Tyson was at South by Southwest this week to discuss why love is stupid and pointless because we're all going to be wiped out by our scientific ignorance anyway.


'Cosmos' Triumphantly Returns Except For One Very Bad Segment

By | 46 Comments

'Cosmos' returns and it's great... except for one very, very bad segment.


Take A Look Back At The Best Of Carl Sagan In Honor Of Tonight’s Premiere Of ‘Cosmos’

By | 7 Comments

Before tonight's premiere of 'Cosmos,' take a look back on the original with Carl Sagan.


President Obama Will Introduce ‘Cosmos’ With A Special Statement Before Tonight’s Premiere

By | 41 Comments

Fox has announced that President Obama will provide an inspiring preamble to tonight's premiere of 'Cosmos'


President Obama, Bill Nye, And Neil DeGrasse Tyson All Pose In One Epic Selfie

By | 6 Comments

President Obama, Bill Nye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson took time out of their busy day to take one unbelievable selfie.


Three ‘Community’ Stars Will Be On Tonight’s ‘At Midnight’ And You’ll Never Guess Who

By | 3 Comments

Three of your favorite 'Community' stars are going to be on tonight's 'At Midnight.' You should probably tune in.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Went On A Twitter Rant About All The Scientific Inaccuracies In 'Gravity'

By | 57 Comments

Neil deGrasse Tyson would like you to know "Gravity" isn't scientifically accurate.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s New Version Of ‘Cosmos’ Looks Just A Bit Epic

By | 13 Comments

There's going to be a new version of 'Cosmos'! On FOX! Produced by Seth MacFarlane! Hmmm!


The Krebs Cycle Explained With Macklemore (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring a rap song to the tune of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" to explain the Krebs cycle, plus a Neil deGrasse Tyson candle.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Winning Beyonce/Super Bowl Tweets, Assorted ‘Star Wars’ Stuff, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring 'Star Wars' street art, Paul F. Tompkins and Scott Aukerman's Cantina Band, and Neil Degrasse Tyson winning twitter.


Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson And Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Talk Science, Music & Philosophy

By | 5 Comments

Prepare to be blown away by GZA's knowledge of science and philosophy. Also, prepare to be blown away by Neil deGrasse Tyson just being Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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