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Entitled Man-Child has some Star Wars Episode VII advice for JJ Abrams

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JJ Abrams is set to direct Star Wars Episode VII for Disney, for release in 2015, and despite Star Wars being the biggest film franchise in history owned by one of the world's largest media corporations, some people still insist on treating the franchise like it's the the cover of their seventh grade diary and someone's going to come scribble on it.


The Nerd Revolution Has A New Antihero In The ‘Zero Charisma’ Trailer

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In case you were starting to worry that all of this football and mixed martial arts crap was starting to jock things up around here again, don’t worry.

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This Guy’s Kid Has Got It All Figured Out, As Evidenced By His Outstanding List Of 3rd Grade Goals

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Some of wander aimlessly through life searching for direction. But not this kid in the 3rd grade. He dreams big!


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’

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Last week, I made a guest appearance on the Pod Pods Pod Boy Meets World podcast to discuss the show that so many of my peers love and adore to this day, but that I never really got into for some reason or another.

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Gaming Is Now A Professional Sport

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Ease up on the wedgies, Alpha Beta bros, it appears that the nerds have taken another huge step forward in driving the stereotype of the jock into extinction.

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WATCH: Harrison Ford Barely Tolerates Dumb Star Wars Questions at Comic-Con

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I always enjoy the lead up to Comic-Con, where studios "announce their Comic-Con plans.

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Video: Nick Kroll Helps People Cope With Post Comic-Con Stress Disorder

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With Comic-Con getting underway, we’re in for a billion-trillion-zillion jokes about nerds in costumes from every comic and “Twitter comic” under the sun (with SPF 2,000 protection) so I figured we’d get a little taste of that today with Nick Kroll’s fake PSA on how to deal with “Post Comic-Con Stress Disorder.


With Leather's Watch This: The Evolution Of The Human Throwing Shoulder


Hey kids, ever wondered how guys like Aroldis Chapman and Matt Harvey have their awesome abilities to dominate on the mound like they do.


Here’s A Replica Of Thor’s Hammer That Fires 80,000 Volts


This is a prop version of Thor's hammer; it won't hurt when it hits you, but touch the top and you might be in for a shock.


This Dude Should Never Wash His Face Again

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Despite being a bro who loves the ladies, I’ve never really enjoyed Go Daddy’s overly suggestive Super Bowl spots, because they typically lack creativity.


Economists Make Their Final Confessions In The Best Of #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions

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Economists on Twitter made their final confessions via #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions. Since the apocalypse never happened, we can laugh at their nerdy jokes.


Nerdy Guys Will Marry No One


Nerdy guys also have some things to say about the marriage equality debate.

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Nick Offerman Is A 'Call Of Cthulhu' Role-Playing Nerd


Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson on "Parks and Rec," was a big-time live action role-playing nerd for "Call Of Cthulhu" in college.


Only A Real N-U-M-S-K-U-L-L Would Cheat At The National Scrabble Tournament

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Much to my surprise, the National Scrabble Championship is currently in its final round right down the street from me, and I'm upset that I wasn't aware because Greg Tolan and I could have done some nerd wedgie curls to prepare for the football season, but it seems that this year's Scrabble field is safe.

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