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Economists Make Their Final Confessions In The Best Of #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions

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Economists on Twitter made their final confessions via #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions. Since the apocalypse never happened, we can laugh at their nerdy jokes.


Nerdy Guys Will Marry No One


Nerdy guys also have some things to say about the marriage equality debate.

H.P. Lovecraft

Nick Offerman Is A 'Call Of Cthulhu' Role-Playing Nerd


Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson on "Parks and Rec," was a big-time live action role-playing nerd for "Call Of Cthulhu" in college.


Only A Real N-U-M-S-K-U-L-L Would Cheat At The National Scrabble Tournament

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Much to my surprise, the National Scrabble Championship is currently in its final round right down the street from me, and I'm upset that I wasn't aware because <a href="">Greg Tolan</a> and I could have done some nerd wedgie curls to prepare for the football season, but it seems that this year's Scrabble field is safe.


25 Important Pop Culture Questions We Hope Are Answered At This Year's San Diego Comic-Con

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Live from San Diego Comic-Con, it's UROXX — and we have questions.


The SEC Sure Seems Fun Right Now

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Texas A&M and Missouri are currently in their honeymoon period before they begin playing in the new and even more improved SEC, and things are already to an, um, interesting start.


Emma Stone Designed Websites Before She Became An Actress. Swoon.


Emma Stone -- already <a href="">one of the more delightfully GIF-able actresses in Hollywood</a> -- is just flat-out messing with us, and the entire internet, at this point.

Reality TV

TBS Will Set Nerds Back 30 Years

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Damnit, every time someething or someone like "Game of Thrones," "Community," "Doctor Who," or Rosario Dawson comes along to give NEEEEEEERDs a leg up in pop culture's cool department, a show like "The Big Bang Theory" or someone like Olivia Munn sets us back again.


Christian Laettner Owes Everyone All of the Money

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In a recent report for the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that former Duke star Christian Laettner (along with his college teammate Brian Davis) may owe as much as $30 million to a number of current and former athletes thanks to failed real estate investments.


Topher Grace Gives George Lucas The Ol' George Lucas

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Of all the male cast members from That 70s Show, it’s safe to say that (Chris)Topher Grace has had the most successful career from a pure acting standpoint.


Another Day, Another Gaming Service Hacked


You know, you'd think game companies, of all people, would be aware that their fan base tends to have a large contingent of teenage nerds, who also tend to be interested in computers and also tend to be interested in the online equivalent of mailbox baseball.


Google Goes Ultra Nerdy, Adds Graphic Calculator

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We all remember the days in math class where we got dealt out the TI-83, silently praying that we got the one someone had surreptitiously programmed "Tetris" or "Doom" onto.

Geek Love

TLC Is Trying to Get Nerds Laid

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TLC is actually making something I don't outright despise: a dating show called "Geek Love" in which sci-fi enthusiasts engage in speed dating at places like Comic-Con, where the pool of hapless, socially inept virgins is unusually deep.


Wait Til You See Her Ping Pong Ball Trick

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One of my guiltiest white nerd pleasures is billiards, as I played a lot growing up and learned how to hustle at an early age.


Morning Links Are Like An Accent Mark

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This is my FunFunFun Fest print from the weekend, autographed right in the middle by Donald Glover.

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