Creative Commuters

This New York Man Was Caught Driving In A Carpool Lane Using A Wooden Passenger

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This commuter decided to build himself a fake passenger to make his daily trip a little easier. Police were amused when they found out.

Angry Outbursts

Meet The Man Who Reportedly Trashed A Salon Because He Was Upset With His $50 Haircut

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This man was just seeking a simple trim, but it ended costing him $50 dollars and his freedom.

#Viral Videos

A Man Who Claimed Police Assaulted Him Was Caught On Tape Punching Himself In The Face

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A California man being held in jail for other charges decided to punch himself in the face and blame police. It did not go well.


A ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Showing In Scotland Featured An Alleged Stabbing And Women Vomiting In Aisles

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The next time you go to a movie in Glasgow, Scotland, you might want to think twice before shushing a fellow patron.

Poop Gangsta

Police In Ohio Have Arrested A Man Known As ‘Poop Gangsta’ For Allegedly Shooting A Man Christmas Eve

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The details behind the crime are forgotten as soon as you discover police have arrested a man named 'Poop Gangsta.'

snowball fight

A Police Officer In Rochelle, New York Pulled His Gun On Two Guys For Having A Snowball Fight

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As everyone knows, a snowball can sometimes be a deadly weapon. At least, if it's a snowball kept in the freezer overnight.


Police Are Campaigning Google To Remove The Waze App Because It Is Allegedly Putting Them In Danger

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Police across the country are out to stop people from using Google's Waze app because it allegedly puts them at risk.

#Viral Videos

Video Has Surfaced Of The Woman Who Threw Raw Bacon At Police Because God Told Her To ‘Feed The Pigs’

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This woman is now undergoing a mental evaluation after entering a police station and throwing raw bacon to "feed the pigs."

marriage proposals

A Texas Police Officer Had Cops Pull Over His Girlfriend So He Could Propose To Her

By | 8 Comments

This police officer made his girlfriend think she was going to jail but got proposed to instead.

#Taylor Swift

This Policeman Can’t Stop Himself From Singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ While On Duty

By | 21 Comments

Dover Police released this video that "captures" one police officer getting a little too into Taylor Swift while on duty.


A California Police Department Just Promoted A German Shepherd To Detective

By | 16 Comments

The Escondido Police Department has a new detective: A nine-year-old German shepherd named Jena.


This Florida Man Rang In The New Year By Allegedly Smearing Ash On His Face And Stealing A Neighbor’s Car


A Florida man terrorized neighbors on New Year's Day, allegedly believing he was a 400-year-old Indian with ash smeared on his face.


Meet The Gent Who Took A Selfie After Being Detained For Drunken Driving

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Letting your folks know you're OK after an arrest is a proper thing to do. Doing it with a selfie in the cell is where the mistake happens.


The Nashville Police Chief’s Message On Respecting Protestors May Be The Most Refreshing Thing You Read Today

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Steve Anderson, Nashville's Chief of Police, had the best response for a citizen who thought more protesters should have been arrested.


Take A Trip To The German Coffee Shop That Received 73 Pounds Of Cocaine In Their Latest Shipment

By | 6 Comments

A coffee shop in Berlin got quite the surprise in their latest coffee shipment: 33 kilos of cocaine from Brazil.


An Elderly Japanese Man Was Arrested For Dumping A Quarter Ton Of Porn In The Middle Of A Park

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A 70-year-old Japanese man was just his friend get rid of some porn when he was arrested for dumping it in a public park.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Is Urging Celebrities To Speak Out Against Police Violence With This Online Challenge

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The 'Django Unchained' actor hopes to start a movement similar to that of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

#Viral Videos

Watch Michigan Police Officers Surprise Minor Traffic Violators With Gifts From Their Christmas Wish Lists

By | 5 Comments

Police in Lowell, Michigan pulled over motorists for minor traffic violations, only to surprise them with items from their Christmas lists.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Badass Attorney Humiliate A Police Officer Who’s Harrassing An Innocent Black Man

By | 22 Comments

Watch a badass female attorney step in and save an innocent black man from police harassment.

Magic Tricks

Watch This Magician Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket With Some Fancy Rubik’s Cube Tricks

By | 7 Comments

Steven Brundage was pulled over by police for speeding, but managed to beat the ticket using only a rubik's cube and a little magic.

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