Insane Clown Posse Loves ‘Gangnam Style’, Calls It ‘Fresh’

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"This is seriously fresh...I f*cking love this video...This deserves to be famous," the two men known as Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope proclaimed with clown paint on their faces.


Chuck Norris vs. Gangnam Style


Chuck has heard about enough of this.


‘Kill Those F*cking Yankees': Psy’s Angry Pre-‘Gangnam Style’ Past Revealed

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Psy's anti-American past has recently been uncovered, and before "Gangnam Style," he did NOT like America very much.


QoTD: So, How Does A 2 Chainz Remix Of “Gangnam Style” Sound?

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Photo: Alex Welsh/Fader Yes, the biggest song of the moment is going to get a remix by be-everywhere rapper 2 Chainz.


End Of An Era: The Video That Killed The ‘Gangnam Style’ Meme For Good

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The single worst "Gangnam Style" parody ought to be the end of meme once and for all.


Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Get The Whole ‘Gangnam Style’ Thing

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In which talking about a viral video turns into a discussion about everything and nothing.

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This Is The New Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever


YouTube videos, meet your new maker: "Gangnam Style."


PSY, MC Hammer Performed A Mashup Of 'Gangnam Style' And '2 Legit 2 Quit'

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If you lie flamboyant dancing, you'll love this performance, from the AMAs.


Now Even Spider-Man Is Doing Gangnam Style


"Gangnam Style" is our gift, our curse.


Ping Pong And Gangnam Style, Together At Last

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One of my favorite news updates from The Onion, besides the one about the "ask murderer," is Ping-Pong Somehow Elicits Macho Posturing.

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PSYron Man, Disney ‘Star Wars’, And Other Mashups


Mashup videos of the week, including 'Skyfall' as 'Iron Man 3', Tony Stark and 'Star Wars' characters reacting to 'Gangnam Style', and Disney 'Star Wars'.

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Let's Put The Lid On Gangnam Style Parodies With 'David LoPan Style'

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Since being posted on YouTube back in July and gradually taking the world by storm over the past several months, Korean pop superstar Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video has been viewed more than 614 million times.


Mike & Mike Did A Gangnam Style Video, Because God And Man Demanded It

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You know you're onto something good when the first 40 seconds of your minute-20 video is about how everyone you know thinks you're terrible.


The 20 Best Answers From PSY’s Reddit AMA

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PSY of "Gangnam Style" fame answered questions in a Reddit AMA, and we've collected our 20 favorite answers, plus GIFS, pictures, and videos.

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HyunA – Ice Cream


South Korean pop sensation HyunA just released her first solo single since playing PSY's female counterpart in the mega-viral hit Gangnam Style.


Gangnam Style Halloween Lights


Thanks to 8,500 lights and roughly 250 channels of computer animation, this Virginia home has its Halloween decorations synced with PSY's Gangnam Style.


Roy Hibbert’s Gangnam Style Flash Mob, Because Indiana Is Boring


If you read "Roy Hibbert's Gangnam Style Flash Mob" and got excited, this is the best video you will ever see.


Binders Full Of Links And Jake The Dog From ‘Adventure Time’ Dancing


Today's links, featuring a mashup of 'Gangnam Style' and Mitt Romney (why?) and Jake the Dog from 'Adventure Time' dancing with a surprise ending.


So This Happened: Hugh Jackman And Psy Did Gangnam Style With Wolverine Claws


Today's links, featuring Hugh Jackman and Psy doing the Gangnam Style dance in Wolverine claws, as well as kittens getting their first physics lesson.

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