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These Cats And Dogs Are Ready For Halloween, Possibly Plotting Against Us


All the cute pets in Halloween costumes that didn't get featured in our other galleries are still having their day, but not their dignity.


Is Durex Planning To Release A Pumpkin Spice Condom?


Here's how your penis could smell like a Starbucks in October.


Of Course Miley Cyrus Has Pornographic Jack-O’-Lanterns. Of Course She Does.


Miley Cyrus posted her pornographic Jack-o'-lanterns to Instagram to show how wild and edgy she still is.


Enjoy These 25 Cool Halloween Pumpkins Inspired By TV And Pop Culture Characters


If you're still looking for Halloween pumpkins to make this year, check out these carved tributes to TV shows, characters, memes, and celebrities.


Enjoy Grumpy Cat Pumpkin, Walter White Pumpkin, And A Slew Of Other Cool Pop Culture Halloween Pumpkins


We've collected 25 cool pop culture Halloween pumpkins, starting with Grumpy Cat, who carved a pumpkin once (it was awful).


Here Are 25 Geeky Halloween Pumpkins To Class Up Your Porch This Year


It's going to be Halloween soon, and one thing is certain. Pumpkins are evil and must be punished, so here are 25 geeky Halloween pumpkins to try at home.


Clever Pumpkin Carving Tricks You Should Know

Love pumpkin carving but don't have any skills.


Animals Who Are Pumpkin-Carving Experts (And Links)

Today's links, featuring animals getting involved in the pumpkin-carving process and a dog who doesn't like certain words.


The Annual Big Cat Pumpkin Massacre

Tigers, lions, leopards, and other big cats destroy their annual halloween treat at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL.


There's More Than One Way To Smash A Pumpkin

What are you going to do with that rotting pumpkin on your doorstep after today? Here are ten things to do with it.


Pop Culture Pumpkins For The Coolest Porches Around

Last year we brought you a gallery of pop culture jack-o'-lanterns. We continue that tradition today with 35 more pop culture themed pumpkins.


Geeky Pumpkins To Nerdify Your Porch With This Halloween


Our favorite 32 geeky pumpkins spotted recently are collected below, with a heavy emphasis on 'Star Wars', Batman, and 'Star Trek'. Qapla'!


Pumpktris: The Playable Tetris Pumpkin

Pumpktris is a fully playable version of Tetris built into a pumpkin, with 128 LEDs for the display and the stem serving as a controller.


Carving a Pumpkin With a Handgun

If you're looking for a new way to carve your pumpkin, this guy has an idea for you to try.


Pumpkin Season

It's pumpkin season.


The World’s Biggest Pumpkin

A pumpkin in Massachusetts has weighed in at 2009 pounds, making it the world's largest -- and the first ever to top one ton.

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