The Results Of NASA’s Pumpkin Carving Contest Are A Joy To Behold

We know, we know. At this point in the Halloween game you’ve probably seen enough ‘cool’ costumes and ‘hilarious’ pumpkins to last you a lifetime. But trust us when we say that these pumpkins from the annual NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pumpkin Carving Competition are something else entirely. 364 days a year, the NASA JPL handles all of the space agency’s robotic missions across our solar system. But one day a year they dedicate themselves to making some seriously nerdy pumpkins.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

We wonder if that’s an accurate orbit path? Go home, Juno space probe, you’re drunk.

The cow is a nice touch, and just confirmation that NASA knows all about the aliens stealing livestock and Ryan Gosling.

Don’t worry, Mrs Pac-Man. You can barely tell there’s been work done on your chin.

Kylo Ren had his own pumpkin, but he smashed it in a fit of rage and wandered off to sulk.

This is the official birthday pumpkin for the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, which opened 80 years ago on Halloween. Neat!

The pig is actually a yam divided up into different sections of the universe. I’ll have me a slice of Europa, please.

And of course, the inevitable political pumpkin:

Fortunately it’s all just an opportunity to pump up everyone’s favorite sleeper candidate: Giant Meteor 2016!

(a big thanks to Twitter user YazzieSays for many of the photos in this post!)