Nic Cage Is Remaking Kirk Cameron Movies In ‘Left Behind’

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The trailer is here for 'Left Behind,' in which Nic Cage remakes a Kirk Cameron rapture movie, probably the best idea in history.


Okay, seriously, what’s up with all the Rapture scripts?

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Volcano, Dante's Peak; Deep Impact, Armageddon; No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits; The Prestige, The Illusionist - that ideas come in twos in Hollywood is nothing new, but seriously, this rapture thing has gotten out of hand.


Holy Sh*t. Nic Cage in talks to star in a Left Behind reboot.

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In a bizarre collision of the actor Godless hipsters love to love ironically and the religious wingnuts favorite film franchise, Nic Cage, the man who once rode his motorcycle out of hell, is set to lead a group of survivors to Nicolas Cage is in negotiations to topline "Left Behind," a mainstream reboot of the Christian-themed movie trilogy that will mark the first film from Stoney Lake Entertainment, a new production company led by Paul Lalonde of faith-oriented banner Cloud Ten Pictures.


They’re Building Rapture? Seriously?

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So, we all loved Bioshock, but of course we all thought the central concept was ridiculous.


Links With The Rapture Cats


Meme Watch: Dogs Eating Pasta.


Rapture Postponed. Now What?


Rapture Postponed Again Shockingly, Harold Camping was wrong and the "approximately 200 million" people he predicted would ascend to Heaven didn't get raptured after all.


Rapturous Links


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Saturday’s Best Rapture Bombs

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The picture above was posted all over the place last week (I saw it on B&P).


8 People Fired For Planking, But Can They Look Forward To Being Raptured?


At least they won't have to worry about paying bills after today's rapture.


The Raptor Is Coming, And So Are Musical Vaders And Links


71 Ridiculous And Insane Craigslist Ads [Uproxx] The Costumed Crazies of the 100th Annual Bay To Breakers 12K Race [WithLeather] Headline of the day: "Steven Seagal Asks for Vladimir Putin’s Support in Immortality Research" [Filmdrunk] From Soviets to Sharks: How Seven TV Channels Changed Their Identities [WarmingGlow] The Secret Service tweets disdain for Fox News [Uproxx] Mr.



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Hey everybody, Lisa Kudrow has a new project in the works.

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