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A Former North Carolina Basketball Player Says He Made The Dean’s List Without Attending Classes

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Former UNC b-ball player Rashad McCants talk about what he did at school instead of going to classes.


Hornets Seriously Shopping Chris Paul; LeBron Is Tired of Being a Villain

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While the Magic seem bent on holding out until the last possible instant, or at least until Dwight Howard gives them a definitive answer, the Hornets are being aggressive.


Bank Of Kobe

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No NBA players will be hitting up Bank of America if they're in need of loans during the lockout.


“Historic” Spain Wins Another EuroBasket ‘Chip

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Spain won their second straight EuroBasket championship yesterday, defeating Tony Parker and France, 98-85.


Kendrick Perkins Arrested & Baby Shaq Shuts It Down In D.C.

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Kendrick Perkins was arrested early yesterday morning after he was attempting to start a fight with a club manager and was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and public intoxication at a Houston club.


Dwyane Wade Very Interested In Playing In China

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Dwyane Wade says he would absolutely listen to offers in China if something came up down the road.


The Ballers Run The ESPYS

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So The ESPY's may not be an all-hoops award show, but outside of the U.


Clip Of The Day: Rashad McCants “Ballin'” Music Video

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Here's all we can tell you: In addition to playing for the Texas Legends in the D-League, Rashad McCants (a.


Rashad McCants Is A Bisexual, Cross Dressing Shoplifter

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Just when I thought it couldn't get any lower supporting UNC basketball, it just did.

Wesley Johnson

Wayne Ellington talks Minnesota struggles and Carolina glory

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When he left the University of North Carolina in 2009, Wayne Ellington was on top of the college basketball world.


Lake Show: Everybody is trying to mimic the champs

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The NBA isn't as much of a copycat league as the NFL, but teams that want to contend for championships still have to adapt to whatever the current ring-bearers are doing.


5 NBA Video Game Superstars Who Don’t Translate to Reality

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Nothing hurts like getting beat in a video game when someone like Richard Jefferson goes off for 14 dunks in one game.

Wayne Ellington

NBA Draft Update: North Carolina, Memphis lose star underclassmen

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It was only one year ago, but given North Carolina's recent struggles, their '09 national championship seems like ancient history.

Von Wafer

NBA Rumor: Mavs To Sign Von Wafer

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After Von Wafer parted ways with Olympiakos back in December, it was believed that the 24-year-old guard was going to sign with the Grizzlies.


10 Players Who Are About To Crash The Party

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The injury epidemic hit the NBA hard at the beginning of this NBA season.

Steve Francis

Friends Forever: My Favorite NBA Bromances

By | 74 Comments

The first bromance moment caught on national television was when Zeke and Magic met on court before Game 6 of the 1988 Finals and exchanged a kiss showing their deep friendship.

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