What We Learned About Rome From The Perfect Preservation Of Pompeii

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Without Pompeii, there's a lot we wouldn't know about Rome. Here it is, from the cool to the weird.


Mark Zuckerberg Is An Exceptionally Bad Tipper, Say Restaurant Employees

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You'd think that a newly minted multi-billionaire celebrating his honeymoon with his bride in Italy wouldn't be shy about letting some of his wealth "trickle down" to the little people like the waiters and waitresses who served him when he visited some of Rome's fine dining establishments.

Tef Poe

Nato Caliph – “Anomaly”

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<a href=""> This is a posse cut in every sense of the word, each of these guys with a Cardinals New Era worn proudly. Every notable rap gang in the Lou makes an appearance here including The Force, Family Affair and the St. Lunatics. The surprising thing is everyone's verse is strong, each one combating for the listener's vote for which emcee killed it. In the end, it's a victory for all as the home team wins big on "Anomaly." Off <a href="">Nato's</a> upcoming REACH EP.



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As far as HBO shows go, True Blood can blow me, but Rome was awesome.



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Punisher: War Zone, aka Punisher: We Hope This One Doesn't Suck As Hard as the Last Two, has just about finished casting the central players.

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