Anthony Bourdain’s Recent Rome Trip Led To Amore

Anthony Bourdain has been living a wild ride since he found fame in the early aughts via his hit book Kitchen Confidential and the four subsequent TV series he’s since starred in. Part of Bourdain’s new life was his second wife Ottavia Busia who — according to a deeply comprehensive New Yorker profile — was introduced to Bourdain as his career was sky-rocketing by his bosom buddy Eric Ripert.

That relationship ended last year when Bourdain moved out and finally announced that they had been living “separate lives for years.” Bourdain casually let the world in on their inside joke about the split in that same New Yorker profile. He wrote, “She’s an interesting woman. I admire her choices. But I married Sophia Loren. She turned into Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The couple have a nine-year old daughter together and their divorce seems to be amicable.

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The end of last season’s Parts Unknown featured a Rome few tourists, or travelers for that matter, ever see. It was based in Ostia — a seaside suburb of the Eternal City. Much of the episode featured Italian film royalty Asia Argento — daughter of horror film master Dario Argento — showing Bourdain around. They hit her local supermarket, ate copious amounts of pasta while watching pugilists pummel each other, and visited the remains of Mussolini’s architectural vision and talked how we’re all a little fascists sometimes. Turns out Bourdain and Argento are also dating.

Reading through Bourdain’s accompanying essay for the Rome episode over at CNN, Bourdain effuses about Argento in great detail. “But most importantly, she was herself. Always honest, completely unsparing. If you ask Asia a question, you are going to get an answer — and she doesn’t care if it reflects badly on you — or on herself. She’s going to give it to you straight.” He continues, “Asia has never given a f*ck.” The same could probably be said of Bourdain.

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