Selena Gomez Won A Career Achievement Award At The Ripe Old Age Of 22

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For her decades of hard work, 22-year-old Selena Gomez took home what basically amounts to a career achievement award.


Review: ‘Behaving Badly’ Really Deserves Its Zero Percent Rotten Tomatoes Rating

By | 31 Comments

Does the Selena Gomez film 'Behaving Badly' deserve to have the worst review rating possible? Yes. Absolutely.

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Stephen Colbert Just Dropped The Definitive Take On Justin Bieber And Orlando Bloom’s Ongoing Feud

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Stephen Colbert offers the definitive take on Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom's fight in Ibiza.


Selena Gomez Has Achieved The American Dream, Starring Opposite Gary Busey

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Selena Gomez stars alongside Gary Busey, Heather Graham, and Mary-Louise Parker in 'Behaving Badly,' about a high school dork who wears too many shirts.

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Pussy Riot Might Star In ‘Spring Breakers: The Second Coming’


'Spring Breakers' is getting a sequel, and it just might get a Pussy Riot.

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There’s Only One Celebrity Who PornHub Doesn’t Want A Sex Tape From

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PornHub has no interest in buying what Justin Bieber is selling.

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Selena Gomez Got Served And Now She’ll Have To Spill The Bieber Beans In Front Of A Judge

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Selena Gomez is going to have to tell all of the things about Justin Bieber. Grab some popcorn!

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Ew: Selena Gomez Went To Rehab For A Justin Bieber Addiction

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Selena Gomez went to rehab for an addiction to Justin Bieber, which is pretty much the worst thing you can be addicted to.

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This Vulgar Text Message Exchange In Which Selena Gomez Rejects Justin Bieber’s Advances Is EVERYTHING

By | 100 Comments

Justin Bieber calls Selena Gomez terrible things, Selena Gomez gets back at Justin Bieber.


One Mom Is Very Upset With Selena Gomez’s Performance In ‘Spring Breakers’

By | 34 Comments

An outraged mom claims her two kids were scarred for life when they easily switched from a 'Fireman Sam' video to 'Spring Breakers' on Amazon Instant Video.


Important VMA Moment: Taylor Swift Saying ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

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Taylor Swift, providing the first memorable moment of the VMAs.


Here Are Some ESPY Awards Presented In A Ceremony Not Aired On TV Last Night

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In case you were just content with taking a night off from sports last night (or you didn’t want to see an already meaningless awards show become much more meaningless with the addition of Skip Bayless and Stephen A.

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Justin Bieber Was Booed And Taylor Swift Made A Funny Face At The Billboard Music Awards

By | 29 Comments

Listen to the boos that serenade Justin Bieber at last night's Billboard Music Awards.

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Hilarious Rumor: Gucci Mane Axed Waka Flocka Flame From His Label Because Of Selena Gomez

By | 9 Comments

The rumor mill, she is swirling with reports that Selena Gomez is what caused Gucci Mane to kick Waka Flocka Flame out of Brick Squad.

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Waka Flocka Caught Lying On His Dick, Denies Smashing Selena Gomez

By | 12 Comments

Justin Bieber can now breath a sigh of relief, because despite Waka Flocka <a href="">retweeting a tweet</a> last week that said he "f*cked Selena Gomez," he's now denying ever sleeping with the actress.


A GIF Guide To Picking Your Favorite ‘Spring Breaker’

By | 21 Comments

Selena or Vanessa? Ashley or Rachel? If you're having trouble picking your favorite "Spring Breakers" star, we're here to help.

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