Weekend Movie Guide: Gerard Butler Ain’t No C-Tates, Yo!

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Opening Everywhere: The Croods, Admission, Spring Breakers, Olympus Has Fallen FilmDrunk Suggests: That video above.


Gucci Mane Got So Stoned That He Slept Through His ‘Spring Breakers’ Sex Scene

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Gucci Mane apparently smoked a lot of weed on the set of Spring Breakers. So much weed that he couldn't stay awake during the filming of a sex scene.

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Who Did It Better: Vanessa Hudgens’s Booty Dance Vs. Miley Cyrus’s Unicorn Twerking

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While Vanessa Hudgens was booty dancing on "Leno," Miley Cyrus was twerking online in unicorn onesie. But who did it better?


A GIF Guide To Picking Your Favorite ‘Spring Breaker’

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Selena or Vanessa? Ashley or Rachel? If you're having trouble picking your favorite "Spring Breakers" star, we're here to help.

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Prepare To Be Well-Versed In James Franco’s ‘Spring Breakers’ Monologue About Shorts


James Franco has a monologue in 'Spring Breakers' about shorts that's apparently quite memorable and likely to be quoted for years to come.

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Selena Gomez Burned Justin Bieber On Letterman Last Night

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This is fun, but the real question is has Dave screened Spring Breakers?

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Selena Gomez says doing Spring Breakers was her mom’s idea

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Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine's 90-minute Girls Gone Wild music video, is currently tearing up the specialty box office in advance of its wider release, earning $90,000 per theater in New York and LA over the weekend.


Weekend Box Office: Wait, you mean America *doesn’t* love magicians?

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The box office chugged along unremarkably this weekend, with a series of films no one much cared about doing middling business.



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Opening Everywhere: Spring Breakers, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Call FilmDrunk Suggests: Well, let’s see – one is about dueling fake magicians, another is about a former Oscar winner in a WWE movie, and the third is about attractive girls on spring break.


Terry Richardson Did His Nerdy Glasses Thing With Selena Gomez

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Terry Richardson is a world-famous, 47-year old fashion photographer and he probably has the best job in the world for a guy.

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SXSW Photo Diary Part 1

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In the past I've done these photo diary posts for Comic-Con and Sundance, so I thought, why not do another one for SXSW.

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Harmony Korine: Spring Breakers’ Deleted Scene Involved a Fat Surfer with a Boner

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Because I'm a very important man with a library of leather-bound volumes and a collection of the finest lanyards, I was able to attend the American premiere of Spring Breakers last night at SXSW 's Paramount Theater in Austin.

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Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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The best new songs of the week, including tracks from Smith Westerns, Drake, and James Blake.

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Rapper Riff Raff Is Pissed At James Franco's Portrayal Of Not-Him In 'Spring Breakers'

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According to James Franco, his character in "Spring Breakers" is based on rapper Dangeruss. Riff Raff disagrees, and wrote a strongly worded letter.


This Week in Posters & Stills: The Spring Breakers Bikini Team

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This is one of five new character posters for Spring Breakers released this week, this one for Vanessa Hudgens' character, Candy.

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Gas Up the Van: Spring Breakers has a restricted trailer

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James Franco and Harmony Korine made a movie about Disney Channel teenyboppers who get half naked and rob banks, and now it has a restricted trailer (slightly NSFW for the briefest of nipularity), and better believe I'm going to post it.

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Bikinis, Guns, James Franco: New Spring Breakers Trailer

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When James Franco and Kids writer Harmony Korine, who last collaborated together on an art project about naked gangster chicks on BMXs, say they're working together on a teeny-bopper movie about sexy bank robbers starring a bunch of half-naked Disney Channel chicks, you know you're in for the best kind of dicknosing.


This Week in Posters: God Bless Spring Breakers

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This week in posters is back, and just in time for some new Spring Breakers posters.

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