Good News! You Can Now Possibly Play Thousands Of Classic MS DOS Games In Your Twitter Feed

Many found that they could play thousands of MS DOS games by embedding them on Twitter earlier and may have gotten carried away.


There’s Currently A Petition To Make Guile’s Theme From ‘Street Fighter’ The National Anthem


Support the greatest nation on Earth (undisputed) with the greatest theme on Earth: Guile's Theme from 'Street Fighter 2.'


Street Fighter's Chun-Li Improves Every Fail GIF: The 10 Definitive Examples


As much as the term "fail" makes me cringe there's really no denying the fact that fail GIFs are immensely enjoyable.

#video games

The 10 Bloodiest, Creepiest ‘Game Over’ Screens Ever


In honor of this spoooky time of year, some of the most disturbing Game Over screens ever...

the pixel kingdom

"Street Fighter II" + "Portal Gun" = Hysterical

The Pixel Kingdom is just starting out in the crowded world of silly video game humor, but they use everything we like: classic characters, ridiculous concepts, and gore.

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