Ray Lewis: ‘The Only Reason We Know Who Tom Brady Is, Because Of A Tuck Rule.’

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Ray Lewis with perhaps the most trolling quote of all-time regarding Tom Brady.

Michael Jordan

Why Michael Jordan And Charles Barkley Aren’t Friends Anymore And Likely Won’t Be Again Anytime Soon

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Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley---two guys who were once best friends can't even talk to each other anymore.

Sports bloopers

This Hockey Reporter Completely Forgets Who She’s Interviewing


Pro-tip: Remember the name of the person you're interviewing.

world war II

Good Morning! Here’s a Soccer Nazi Getting Banned For Life (and Morning Links)

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god, stop being such a soccer nazi AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis scored a goal and gave a Nazi salute, because soccer people are crazy.


And Now, A Dramatic Reenactment Of The Red Bull Space Jump

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Here's a shot-for-shot reenactment of the Red Bull Space Jump (including a clearly labeled "Earth"), if you pretend like the roof of somebody's house is "outer space," and that Felix Baumgartner missed our planet completely and broke his ass on the moon.


New York Giants Star Jerry Linn Is About To Get Some Top Shelf YouTube Tail

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Okay, so your first instinct here is to go "OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS STUPID HOT GIRL LET ME TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ON THE INTERNET ABOUT HER SO WE CAN SHARE A FELLOWSHIP-LOL" and crosspost it on Facebook and Twitter (and your semi-reputable sports blog).


University Of Alabama Goes Full Hate Crime

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Usually when a school in the deep south wants to insult a rival, they print out a bunch of stickers of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes pissing on their logo or something and plaster them on the windows of their trucks, and an entire school of rednecks end up with a child urinating on their car forever and we move on with our lives.


Remember Power Balance Bracelets? They’re Back, In Lawsuit Form

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Hey there, With Leather reader, were you one of the lucky, forthright individuals who thought a hologram-embedded band could be scientifically proven to enhance balance, flexibility and strength because Shaq and Drew Brees and some tennis players said so.


Hanley Ramirez, Step Away From the Hair Bleach

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Hanley Ramirez thought he needed a change of mirror scenery.

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