No Future: Former WWE Developmental Star DT Porter Stabbed His Girlfriend To Death


Pro wrestler Brian McGhee, better known by his ring name "DT Porter," competed in WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory a few years ago and was nicknamed "The Future.


Florida Cop Leaves Gun in Movie Theater Bathroom Where It's Found By 9-Year-Old Boy


Man, don't you hate it when you take your gun off to take a huge dump and then you dump so good you end up crapping your short-term memory and forget your gun right there in the shitter.


Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving Drunk Inside A Walmart


A homeless man named Timothy Carr entered a Brooksville, Florida, Walmart on Sunday night, grabbed an alcoholic beverage from a shelf, started boozing and took himself a little joyride on a motorized shopping cart, for which he received a DWI.


Hulk Hogan Is Now Opening Tampa’s Most Incredible ‘Breastaurant’


Hot off of the sex tape scandal that absolutely nobody on this planet ever asked for – except maybe the “It’s still real to me!” guy – TNA Impact Wrestling superstar/general manager Hulk Hogan has proudly announced his next big step in choking the life out of his cultural relevance.


The 'Daily Show' Just Ripped Into Tampa, Florida Last Night, And it Was Great


When I heard that the Daily Show would be traveling down to Tampa to cover the Republican convention I immediately became giddy with excitement over the barrage of Florida jokes sure to come. Last night's episode did not disappoint.

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